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    Beverly Havlir s series Karn al series are all pretty solid reads and this one is just as good as the others Sharra s been having these horrible dreams about a little boy running home after finding his father murdered to see his mother and sister beaten and tied up waiting to be raped begging him to kill them In the dreams she sees this man standing back in the corner watching the scene with anguish on his face When she fails to please the man she s been sent to live with sex is always included , she s given as a gift to Logan and upon meeting him sees he s the man standing watching the scenes in her dreams She s knows that destiny has brought them together but if he learns about her special abilities, will he even let her live Lots of pretty sad moments in this book I felt a lot groveling was called for may 2 or 3 pages But overall I enjoyed this book a lot Would recommend the series and this book.

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Logans Fall download Logans Fall , read online Logans Fall , kindle ebook Logans Fall , Logans Fall fef8773ec690 Logan S Fall Beverly Havlir Dark, Disturbing Dreams Every Night Sharra Is Plagued By Nightmares, A Confusing Mixture Of Blood And Death, Of Tremendous Hurt And Grief Her Dreams Are Haunted By A Man She S Never Seen Before She Doesn T Know Who He Is Or Where He S From But She Knows That He S Her Destiny The Secret Lies Within Logan Mi An Tar S Past Has Left Him Emotionally Scarred, His Heart Hardened By Hatred And Guilt He Lives With Constant Nightmares And Endures The Enormous Pain That Follows Until He Meets Sharra, Who Vows To Heal Him And Breach The Wall That Guards His Heart A Forbidden Union Fate Brings Them Together Intense Desire Hot, Urgent, Undeniable Forges A Deep Bond But For A Chance At Lasting Happiness, Logan And Sharra Will Have To Fight For A Love That Will Finally Bring Them Both Out Of The Darkness Note Although Connected To Jed S Revenge And The Pleasure Planet Story Tristan S Woman, Logan S Fall Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Novel