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    5 Stars I didn t think it would make it based on the likely score I thought it would get Scorecard Out of 10 Quality of Writing 8 Pace 9 Plot development 9 Characters 10 Enjoyability 8 Insightfulness 9 Ease of Reading 9 Photos Illustrations N AFinal Score 62 70 89%If I don t start a series at the beginning, sometimes the previous stories don t stand out in my memory, no matter how much I read them This book suffers partially from this personal phenomenon though I also seem to repress parts of the book because of what happens at the end see below Before that can happen again, I m getting this review done The Gush Many authors have written with varying success pastiches of supposed lost cases of Holmes and Watson One of the better authors I ve found is Larry Millett, even though his stories take Holmes far from fog shrouded London and into the wilds of Minnesota This is his first attempt and though I find some of the later ones developed and with tighter writing, this is a great first book Well written with few problems, the plot is riveting and the mystery almost impossible to solve The clues are there but even reading for the third time, I still couldn t pick them out until the reveal The characters, both historical and fiction, are well done with depth and a distinctive voice all their own One of the best features of his book and the consecutive ones is his frequent use of superscript number that correspond to end notes This is one of those books I geek out over and I use two bookmarks, one solely to keep my place in the end notes They add a great deal to the story and are always interesting to read.The author has that ability, sadly rare, to perfectly weave history to fiction until you are not sure where one begins and the other ends Others might be patch jobs this is a tapestry The Rant All the above is not to say the book is without its problems The author, like so many others facing the same temptation, tends to over indulge in the creation of lost cases that Watson alludes to While most readers of Sherlock Holmes pastiches get used to it, it still annoys me at times.His Holmes and Watson at times seem to have multiple personalities One chapter, they react one way, the next time they react completely differently to a similar situation The plot explains this to a degree as the action continues to ramp up, it affects the characters as they deal with deadly situations in a world vastly different from the London they know so intimately But it still causes reading whiplash at times This is my main issue with the book but since it is so entwined with the ending, I have to hide it or hide the entire review, and I didn t want to do that view spoiler At the end, in the midst of the climatic denouement, I remembered why I couldn t recall how this book ended I had blocked it The reason for this is twofold One, the actual historical events during the fire at Hinckley were horrific Over 400 people died in one of the most horrible ways possible and the author captures that The air seems drier and hotter as you read you can almost feel the flames coming for you And a few times he showed what happened when a person lost to the fire It was a bit distressing understatement to read because this had really happened to real people The second reason is the major one for me I still have problems reading it When Holmes confronts the Red Demon, the villain becomes covered in flammable liquid and Holmes stops him by using the lighter plot point and setting him ablaze This isn t the Downey Jr action hero Holmes, this is Holmes from the books who rarely fires a gun and he s setting people on fire While not graphic, it is in a word, shocking hide spoiler

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    Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon by Larry Millet is the first book in the Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota mystery series Sherlock Holmes is called in when threats are made against railroad tycoon James Hill and his Great Northern Railway by an arsonist known as the Red Demon I enjoyed this book very much I thought the explanation of Sherlock Holme s travel and involvement was well done and the style of the writing followed that of the original A well written, engrossing mystery which entwined actual historical events.

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    Really a 2.5 The last fourth of this book were interesting, but unfortunately I had to slog through the other 3 4 to find it.A quick summary Sherlock Holmes has been asked to catch the Red Demon, a person sending threatening notes and setting fires around the railroads of American tycoon Mr Hill Assuming false identities, Holmes and Watson visit Minnesota to solve the case before the arsonist strikes again.Usually, the problem I come across in non canonical Holmes stories is an out of character Holmes This Holmes didn t have that problem, but only because the story focused way too much on a badly written, boring, blustering Watson The Watson in this book is exceedingly thick and sometimes comes across as a bit of a diva, actually Holmes seems to suffer from a mild but badly written case of bipolar disorder, although he can be forgiven if his trusted friend is this thick blockhead.The story droops It oozes It sludges along and every time you think it will speed up no, boring exposition The story It s fine when you find it For every page of actual plot, there are three of meaningless, slow words that only distract from the story.Perhaps, if the author had tried to write a good mystery instead of showing off how much research he did, it would be passable Instead, you re left with the feeling that he was caught up in showing off research and writing style than the book, and it shows.

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    Great Sherlock Holmes mystery, couldn t put it down, so very good.

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    I found this a fine example of Sherlock Holmes pastiche writing Dr Watson is the narrator who stays well in character The time frame is appropriate, and the suspense holds up well as the story develops Holmes and Watson are called to the U.S by a railroad magnate to investigate threats from an arsonist who threatens to destroy the railroad The story is written as Doyle would have written it, which is what fans enjoy Recommended to all fans of Sherlock Holmes who have been dismayed at the end of the original stories.

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    I was expecting it to be ok But the author did an awesome job and stayed pretty close to behavior and wording of holmes and Watson Kind of cool that it takes place in Minnisota.

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    A very good start to the series.

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    I really enjoyed this book It felt like a Sherlock Holmes book I appreciated the epilogue which tied up one final charter s role in the mystery.

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    What a fun MN historical experience

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    I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book Steve Hendrickson s performance was incredibly engaging It showed Watson s pique with Holmes in a very expressive manner as well as Holmes brusque mein when dealing with things he found to be self evident Their snarky and contentious relationship is what has always in my mind made them an excellent investigative duo All the characters were well acted and I can t wait to listen to offerings by this talented voice actor Holmes And Watson In Minnesota This series must be listened to or read in order This is the first book I can t wait to listen to Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders From the American Chronicles of John H Watson, M.D Even though this book starts with a foreword claiming this is a historical account of how events happened and who they happened to, this is not true It is a ploy by the author to engage the reader wholy in a book that is truly a work of fiction While this practice does annoy me the afterword clearly states this is a work of fiction, thus redeeming the author in my eyes for his attempt at deception Years after the death of Moriarty and the apparent death of Holmes is when this mystery starts No longer fearing his enemies, Holmes has rejoined Watson and the land of the living A knock on the door leads them to entertain an agent of a certain Mr Hill who happens to be quite famous in his own right Holmes and Watson are intrigued so they take on the case of ferreting out the identify and true intentions of the Red Demon menacing the railroad Will they be able to discover the plot and thwart it before it is carried out Is the Red Demon a genius, a madman, or both What does he hope to accomplish with his threats and dastardly acts This series is suitable for young adult through adult listeners or readers who enjoy classic Sherlock Holmes as well as suspenseful murder mystery thrillers with a good amount of horror and intrigue

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