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Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) chapter 1 Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) , meaning Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) , genre Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) , book cover Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) , flies Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) , Steam (Triple Trouble, #.5) 37e4b63f80524 M Nage Amour Erotic Paranormal M Nage A Trois Romance, M F M, Shape Shifter Lina S Finally Getting The Hang Of Being Mated To Twin Elemental Dragon Shifters, But The Goddess Gig Still Has Her Stumped She Wouldn T Trade Being Mated To Jan And Rick Alexandr, Even Though She Might End Up Accidentally Blowing Them Up For Getting On Her NervesWhen Lina, Her Watcher, And Their Dragon Mates Are Summoned To Yellowstone National Park For A Shifter Gathering, Lina Never Anticipates She D Soon Become Fast Friends With Brodey Lyall, A Wolf Shifter She Senses Brodey S Deep Grief Over A Recent Loss, But That S The Least Of Their ProblemsAn Ancient Foe With An Old Grudge Threatens To Destroy Everything Lina Holds Dear Now It S Up To Brodey To Outsmart A Homicidal, Psychopathic Chicken Bent On Revenge Can Brodey Safely Reunite Lina With Her Men, Or Will A Forest Fire And Yellowstone S Harsh Elements Prove Too Much For Even The Wily Wolf Shifter To Overcome A Siren Erotic Romance

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    4 Steam StarsThis says it s a 0.5 novella, so I thought why not and start this series it s a great book of introductions I am a fan of Tymber s but not a big fan of this narrator I think it s her tone that throws me off It is still an enjoyable read listen I feel for Brodey and am glad he found a kind of kin ship with Lina I think she came in to his life when he needed a friend the most The reincarnation thing with Lina and I think it was Zack has me a little befuddled But overall Jan and Rick and Lina have stolen the show I can t wait to jump into book 1 This Audiobook was given for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it.

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    It makes sense to read this novella after reading Boiling Point and the Triple Trouble series as it ties the two together.

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    This book is a continuation of Tymber Dalton s Boiling Point which was in Tasty Treats, Volume 3 The story picks up about 8 months from where Boiling Point left off Lina is trying to adjust to her goddess gig I won t go into the story because I don t want to give anything away I liked that although this was a continuation of the Dragon shifter story, it also served as a prequel to her Triple Trouble Series We met up with Ain, and Brodey, and Cail in this story It was short, I wanted , but it was a quick read and had a good story There also wasn t a ton of sex in it But what was there was good It wasn t overly steamy or anything I feel like I can t go wrong with reading a Tymber Dalton book, and this one held up to that claim.If you liked Boiling Point , then you ll enjoy this book I don t think that you have to read Boiling Point to be able to follow this story, but it helps.

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    My singular complaint with the whole series is it s too darn short I still feel these characters can hold a much longer storyline and an interesting one too They seem to be such a strong component to the upcoming storyline I am still trying to understand the link between this series and Triple Trouble Tymber is currently working on linking them and according to the exerpt I read today, I m still not getting it I m so looking forward to it I have never been disappointed with Tymber or Lesli s writing.Way to go girl on a story that keeps me wanting .I read the Triple Trouble series first I can see that reading the first two short stories of the Alexandr Dragons prior to Triple Trouble maybe beneficial but definately not required This may become important as the series are linked and is reveiled.

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    This book was very engaging and interesting It kept me on my seat the whole time I will however recommend that you read the other books involving these characters to really understand and appreciate the full conflict and several plot twists involved.

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    Some women have it all Lina is one of those lucky women I love dragons, so reading this story was fun for me The slightly paranormal addition to this story was fun This is not a hardcore store More a fun light story with a HEA.

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    OK, I got to the point with this book where I was wondering what use having two mates was if they couldn t rescue you I felt most of this book centred around Lina s feeling and relationships with Zack and Brodie, neither of which she was mated with Convoluted and not my cuppa.

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    Fantastic reading I want .

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    Really enjoying reading this series I ve enjoyed everything I ve read from this author This book is funny and fast paced.

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    Only read this for the prequel for Trouble comes in Three s seriesso onto that series now