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Gaijin summary Gaijin, series Gaijin, book Gaijin, pdf Gaijin, Gaijin 11960678b8 This Is Not A Romance I NEVER Write Romances If You Re After One, Please Don T Read This When Jennifer Left The Cold And Damp Of London For The Sparkle And Bustle Of Tokyo, She Imagined She D Find A World Full Of Cherry Blossom Festivals, Ancient Tea Ceremonies And Geishas What She Got Instead Was A Cramped, Shared Apartment, Harassment On The Subway And A Mind Numbing Job As A Hostess At The Blonde Chick Bar In RoppongiWith A Single, Unintentional Insult All That Changed She Wakes Up To Find That She Has Been Kidnapped By Shindo A Sadistic Yakuza Demi God Who Doesn T Take His Loss Of Face Easily Caught Between His Hatred Of All Things Foreign And A Growing Obsession With This Blonde Gaijin, He Is Determined To Make Her Pay For Her Rejection In Sadistic And Degrading Ways A Woman S Lot Is To Endure, Says The Fox Spirit In Her Dreams, But Jennifer Wonders Whether There Are Indeed Fates Worse Than Death Little By Little, She Finds OutGaijin Is A Dark Erotica Novella It Contains Non Consensuality

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    Talk about the definition of a mindfuck Being abducted and abused by a breathtaking piece of art From just beneath his collarbone, over the entire surface of his chest, to the black band of fabric at his waist, was a garden, a zoo, a kaleidoscopic riot Across one shoulder and down the right arm, almost to the elbow, flaming peony petals rippled against the wings of Luna moths On the other side, fat gold carp swam over his bicep in a sea of waving blue green pondweed On his chest, a storm of cherry blossoms engulfed a geisha, despite her parasol.All the images that had drawn Jennifer to Japan, the mysteries and aesthetics, were etched on his skin Her eyes pooled with new tears at the stupidity of it all The bizarre idealization of a culture encapsulated on the flesh of a thug.Jesus I adore Luna moths And cherry blossoms and Japanese tattoo art Andwhales Wait Jennifer, what about whale hunting That should ve warned you not to idealize the Japanese culture too muchIn Gaijin, Jennifer escapes her damp London apartment to work as a hostess in the Blonde Chicks Bar in Tokyo From time to time, some jumped up, arrogant bunch of Yakuza pricks would monopolize the club s facilities, but sooner or later, they d always get bored and leave She d heard stories she d always assumed they were urban myths of Western hostesses getting snatched and murdered, but she never really believed it.Unfortunately, Jennifer doesn t realize yet how dangerous the sadistic Yakuza boss Shindo actually is And it s too late anyway, for he has already set his eyes on herDon t expect some smut fest or even erotica pur sang Gaijin s written too matter of factly for that and the author doesn t try to make this story especially titillating But she does leave you much room to interpret this story in whatever way you like Be it the gritty, distant recollection of a girl having experienced abuse or a darkly erotic tale I loved being able to sculpt my own characters and layers in my mind, without having to purposefully ignore vulgar descriptions of unearthly beauty, full luscious lips, rock hard abs and overly explanatory comments This is something I already love about the author s style she allows you to think for yourself and doesn t fill in too many details Gaijin is beautifully poetic at times, and only every now and then the writing is slightly ineffective then he sighed as it erupted hot and dark within her the word dark has me pondering here and he said, with a voice like skin drawn over gravel It s absolutely nothing you cannot look past though The good thing about the fact that this is a novella of only 70 pages is that it s fast paced I found myself blazing through it in only one sitting The downside is that Gaijin really only scratches the surface of what could ve been an intensely dark and erotic psychological experiment The author offers a few intriguing scenes and it s a shame that she rushes through them so fast I also would ve appreciated Gaijin to start at the Blonde Chicks Bar, to allow atmosphere building and to fully establish the predatory ways of the Yakuza boss, before he abducts Jennifer and view spoiler abuses her, and she experiences confusing feelings of lust and suddenly gives in and hide spoiler

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest From just beneath his collarbone, over the entire surface of his chest, to the black band of fabric at his waist, was a garden, a zoo, a kaleidoscopic riot Across one shoulder and down the right arm, almost to the elbow, flaming peony petals rippled against the wings of Luna moths On the other side, fat gold carp swam over his bicep in a sea of waving blue green pond weed 16.How do I begin to describe GAIJIN After three reads, a perfect summary still eludes me Certainly, it is a book that is not for everyone I know a lot of erotica these days like to make that claim, as though being not for everyone is their cred for being edgy and different and forbidden, but in the case of GAIJIN, it is not just a lure to bring in readers it is actually the truth.GAIJIN is about a waitress who is kidnapped and then held captive by a member of the Japanese mafia after she inadvertently offends him in front of his men and the other bar patrons He kidnaps her, pierces her, and then rapes her several times, and their relationship becomes even complicated from there as she gradually begins to know him and understand what drives him.In the summary on Goodreads, the author says that this isn t a romance and I do like that she makes that disclaimer because GAIJIN isn t a romance It s a dark erotic novel that doubles as a fascinating character study Despite being under 100 pages, the author manages to pack a lot of story and character into such a small space, making me wish that this had been a full length novel with background information on the two main characters, and beautiful descriptions of Japan.I m sure GAIJIN will offend some and disgust others, and I would understand both those reactions But it s also a very well written story, and compelling for the right audience There were no honourable samurai, no koi fish swimming in the rivers, no flurry of wild cherry tree blossoms in sacred forests, no imperial dragons cavorting in the heavens Not any There were drab factories, and rusty shipyards, a million banal offices, and gangsters like him 50.I received my review copy from the author.4 stars

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    Is there a fate worse than death, Gaijin he asked, looking out over the snowy city Would you prefer to end your life this way, over the side of my balcony Gently, he drew the edges of her ruined dress apart, pulling it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the decking If you don t have enough courage, I can help you His whisper was like soft sand on paper Shindo san Shindo san , can make anyone visit the four finger deep wilderness Gaijin is like a dainty firework waiting to be lit and rocketing in the sky with the most amazing colours, some sparkles shining brighter than the others And, when the spectacle is over, you left desiring for , much Across one shoulder and down the right arm, almost to the elbow, flaming peony petals rippled against the wings of Luna moths On his chest storm of cherry blossoms engulfed a geisha, despite her parasol Cherry blossoms, Luna moths, golden carps, kabuki samurai fighting blue dragons stretched on the taut and shiny skin and the sinister rowdiness of a Yakuza boss I knew exactly what I was getting into and I could not contain my grin Firstly, it is not a romantic erotica thank god for it and for those who expect this to be an PG review, the strawberry twizzlers are at the kiddie table and while you are at it , please hand me the leather cuffs The prose write up is remarkably compact and captivates with every stiffened fist and hypnotic with the rhythms of lustful pain There were times when my anticipations for the script made me insatiable for stricter sexual nuances and yearned for some synchronised kinbaku knotted entanglements Why couldn t the Yakuza boss be a kinbakushi Am I being a tad greedy Fucking hell Why not Non consensual consensual sex, Yakuza boss, willful Gaijin san Jennifer s lustful groan from pleasurable pearls encompassing all elements of an alluring dark erotica and no shibari techniques May be in the next one, isn t it so Remittance Girl Yet, it was luscious and attractive read and not a single regretted moment in this miniature erotic treasure engrossed with the sexual magnetism and the incredibility of those hidden pearls I m just a foreigner Just a stupid gaijin

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    4 StarsWOW..What a dark..short..distrubing little tale that I thought was very well writtenThis one will not be for everyoneas there are scenes of non consensualityeven though thats the case..let me tell ya..this one wasYes you heard me right this one was HOT This was my first book by this author and I can say without a doubt not my last

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    This is another one of those books that s described as not for everyone a description that I find so irresistible.It s a darkly erotic read with Jennifer, a British girl working as a bar hostess in Roppongi in Tokyo, drugged and abducted by Shindo San, a Yakuza henchman, in retribution for an apparent slight He is no hero by any stretch of the imagination and she is held against her will, pierced and raped but horrified to find her own body betraying her with arousal and desire So it s non consensual but it is portrayed in a fairly sensual way.It s a strange little story and very short but no less compelling for that It s told in a very matter of fact way, very little descriptive prose The rape isn t gratuitous it s just necessary for the story.I have to say that the Japanese don t come off very well in this one I m British and I ve lived and worked in Tokyo and mostly I found them to be impeccably polite It is an apparently male dominated society but really the women prevail they re just clever enough not to let the men realise Only once in my time there did I get warned about speaking to a Yakuza I did it unwittingly and it was a Japanese woman who realised what I was doing and stopped me Perhaps she perceived a danger that I never did.They really did used to call me Gaijin San which means foreigner but it was rarely used as an insult The Japanese are a fairly insular society and a gaijin is always going to stand out in a crowd and they really don t know how to deal with us.The ending, while not happy, is perfect for the story Very interesting read and thanks to Joy for the recommendation.Oh and the pearl thing how incredibly fascinating

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    This is going to sound..

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    5 StarsThis is a brutal story of a Gaijin s abduction due to her own ignorance Shindo frightened her and she avoided him This self preservation tactic was viewed as rudeness In order to save face Shindo, a Yakuza leader, had Jennifer abducted and brought to him where he held her against her will and raped her repeatedly He has no intention of letting her go until he tires of her, which may be never.Jennifer had been a waitress at Blonde Chicks, a restaurant bar in Tokyo Three times she had been asked by Kuma to serve Shindo s table, three times she refuses He scares her, and besides, it isn t her table to serve She is only working at this bar to raise enough money to go home London She made a dreadful mistake thinking she would like the gentle culture of Japan, not realizing the culture is anything but the gentleness she romanticizes it to be After the third time she refuses to serve Shindo, she is drugged and kidnapped.This author writes beautifully You get a small glimpse into a very different, puzzling culture She paints an anything but romantic vision of this world Everything has a dark side and she provides a small window for the reader Kuma, Shindo s loyal man, brought me to tears, gasping tears His interaction with Jennifer is so kind, so tender in moments.This isn t a story for everyone It has non consensual moments and shouldn t be taken lightly.I think what I liked most was the beautiful storytelling of this writer It also made me once again realize, I truly love a story with an Asian theme and will be looking for .I enjoyed this and if this novella sounds interesting, give it a go I don t think you ll be sorry Thanks to Becs for leading the way She read first and her review pushed me to read sooner rather than later Happy Reading

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    A dark lesson in letting go and thus being able to endure to survive.The spare writing totally evoked Jennifer s situation She did not know what was happening, were she was, why she was there and I could totally feel that, I had the same questions she had The story kept building up and I was satisfied with the ending even though I was not ready for the cut off Scary how Shindo blew hot and cold Both the reasons for his actions and his actions were erratic, could not be pinned down The contrast between how almighty Shindo was in relation to Jennifer and how ultimately insignificant he was in the grand scheme of things was brilliant.

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    A dark literary erotic novella that is lusciously written and beautifully melodic A word of warning, this book is not for everyone and contains non consensual scenes.

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    HOLY SHIT This is not my usual genre, BUT OH MY GAAWWD

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