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Gravel summary Gravel, series Gravel, book Gravel, pdf Gravel, Gravel d1394725b9 Eight Brilliant Stories By A Master Of The Form, Author Of The Classic Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam And The Kiss A Contented Woman Finds Herself Considering A Bizarre Sexual Invitation That Just Days Before Filled Her With Scorn A Mediocre Man Is Pulled Into A Strange Dance With His Stalker A Father Gives His Daughter A Christmas Present With A Disturbing History An Ugly Sports Parent Plays A Game Of Ridiculous Chance A Young Boy S Music Lesson Offers Him A Discordant Insight Into Adult Behaviour And In A Primal Tale About The Borderline Between Animals And Humans, Death Is Horrifyingly Not The End Of The StoryCompulsively Readable, Pitch Perfect In Mood, Gravel Ponders The Forces That Can Wear Down A Marriage, Darken Desire, Lead People To Thwart Their Best Intentions

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    Well written, odd short stories I liked the last one the best, about what would happen if an affair between a teenage girl her middle aged lover was revealed at the girl s formal.

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    Highly readable short stories which left me feeling vaguely unsettled, and not quite satisfied with the outcomes Shooting the Dog was vey disturbing,not for the dog lover The Nun s Story was quite poignant, leaving a boy with his illusions shattered None of the stories were happy, the protagonists all found themselves reacting intensely to strange situations and working themselves into a state over small things Like the happily heterosexual woman who reacts strongly to a suggestion of a pass from a lesbian woman Like the married woman who finds herself one of a dozen women being offered to a famous tenor for his relaxation I enjoyed them all Perhaps I would compare them to some of those dark Roald Dahl stories, like Kiss Kiss.

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    I have read 7 now 8 of Goldsworthy s books since 1999 enjoyed them all, particularly Three Dog Night Everything I Know This collection of short stories is up there with his best So often in the modern age short stories lack a key ingredient a story but these are sublime, often contain either a twist you didn t see coming, or a pay off that is so excruciatingly inevitable you can t wait to get to the end They might even be a good place to start if you haven t yet ventured down Goldsworthy Lane Highly recommended.

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    A good writer I like his prose But the point of every story seems to be that people are weak Women are especially weak in his stories No one is in control of their lives, everyone is easily manipulated by others, no one is comfortable with who they are especially the women in his stories A very dark book.

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    short stories well written but seemed a little umm pointless When i finished each story i wondered what the hell was that about The author writes well but his actual plot lines need substance.

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    A collection of well written short stories Peter Goldsworthy gives us a glimpse inside the minds of his characters to show that they are all essentially human, with frailties like any other person.Australians might appreciate better some of the references.Enjoyable literature.

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    Love the short stories

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    interesting short stories well written but not outstanding good title.

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