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Dark Song chapter 1 Dark Song , meaning Dark Song , genre Dark Song , book cover Dark Song , flies Dark Song , Dark Song e9e8ffc8161a9 Marc Said He Heard The Dark Song When He Creeped Houses The Song The Predator S Heart Sings When It Hears The Heart Of The Prey I Heard It Now Marc Said It Had Always Been In Me Lurking Waiting For Me To Hear Ames Is Not The Person She Was A Few Months Ago Her Father Lost His Job, And Her Family Is Crumbling Apart Now, All She Has Is Marc Marc, Who Loves Her Than Anything Marc, Who Owns A Gun Collection And He Ll Stop At Nothing Even Using His Guns To Get What He Wants Ames Feels Her Parents Have Betrayed Her With Their Lies And Self Absorption, But Is She Prepared To Make The Ultimate Betrayal Against Them In This Controversial Novel About A Good Girl Gone Wrong, Gail Giles Returns To The Fast Paced, Chilling Writing That Attracted So Many Fans To What Happened To Cass McBride

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    Ames life turns upside down when her hero, her dad, is caught stealing from his clients Not only does he cost the family their livelihood, their house, their security and his marriagehe costs Ames her soul Having everything robbed from her turns Ames dark Wounded, she wants someone to take care of her, to defend her, to help her get revenge Marc gives Ames everything she hungers for, but in trying to reclaim herself she learns giving into the musical lure of her Dark Song can drive things too far Gail Giles is one of my favorite authors because of her edgy stories, deep, realistic characterizations and descriptive turn of phrases Dark Song goes right next to Shattering Glass as one of my faves, because it actually made me physically uncomfortable and apprehensive Like cruising past a grisly car accident, you know you re heading toward something ugly, but you JUST CAN T STOP yourself from looking Even scarier,it could easily be a headline story any day, any place Hopefully it ll stay between the pages Ames story will suck you in and as her dark song seduces her you ll feel equal parts understanding, revulsion and fear This is one Giles book I can envision a sequel for, taking place years down the line If you like neat, HEA books, Giles isn t your author, but if you like dark, twisted, edgy and realistic fiction that ll get under your skin and stay with you, pick up Dark Song and all of her backlist Finally, kudos to Little Brown on the amazing cover Terri ClarkTeen Librarian YA Author

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    This book was weird and twisted and sad and, and, and although Ames complaining and naivety get severly annoying at times, you can totally see where she s coming from It seems everyone in her life has betrayed her and then expects her to take it on the chin Then along comes Marc Oh Marc he is straight up crazy not like oh i like em crazy , but like RUN GIRLLLLLLL NOW crazy He reeled Ames into his crazy world little by little and all the while I m shaking my head wishing she would wake the hell up But oddly enough, i was mad at how his plans were foiled in the end Lol

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    OK, so I read the ARC of this book in less than a day and I m generally of fan of Giles work I or less knew what to expect from one of her books fast pace, suspense, tension and a hint of danger This one fulfilled those expectations.However, I had some serious issues with the balance of plot points Or perhaps it s because the description on the back led me to believe that the latter third of the book was the primary focus Either way, it was hard for me to reconcile The first part of book details the downfall of a seemingly perfect wealthy family Both daughters are in private school, the family lives in a mansion and they ve always been able to anything they wanted Then, in what to the protagonist, Ames, is a completely unprecedented turn of events, the family loses everything and trust among family members turns to anger, tension and deceit The family eventually moves to Texas and takes up residence in a rental unit owned by the father s parents Evidently, the father has managed to convince the kids that they ve been dead for years, when in reality, they ve been slum lords in the South the whole time In the process of cleaning out the so bad it should ve been condemed unit, the character of Marc the predator alluded to on the back cover is finally introduced I m I m fine with the first half of the book the family relationships throughout the downfall are or less believable The main problem I had with it was the introduction of the maternal grandmother as someone who could pull the family together in a time of crisis She arrives for an intervention, appears a couple times and then disappears from the book altogether It is the part of the book that takes place in Texas that I really took issue with I had a lot of trouble believing that the main character is so badly scarred by her parent s wrongs that she is willing to put herself in a dangerous relationship Perhaps if she d had a long history of abuse neglect, the decision would ve made sense Here, it feels it all happens too fast for it to be a logical or realistic development The character of Marc is very two dimensional and makes the reader want to smack Ames for not seeing the manipulation that is so painfully obvious To me, the ending was not only abrupt, it was predictable and somewhat unsatisfying.

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    3.5 compelling and page turning stars.Short but engrossing Well written, though I could have used a lot resolution at the end of this book More length overall would have really helped with a sense of closure, especially with the relationship between the MC, Ames, and her mother It felt rushed, hence the stars off But anyway, I digressThis is not a romance at all but a look into one affable teenager s life as it comes crumbling around her and the solace she finds in a very bad boy.But don t let the term bad boy fool you Marc is a bad, nasty, slimy, low life dude who seems like Prince Charming at first enough that you ll fall for him too Then the rug gets pulled out from under you and his real personality comes through mean, ruthless and sociopathic Don t get me wrong, I love crazy guys but this was not the same at all We love the crazy killers drug lords criminals because they love the heroine and they have humanity somewhere inside their crusty souls Marc was a soulless predator who takes our heroine, Ames, on a ride, preying on her weaknesses in order to exploit her It s frightening how easily she falls for it too, but if you were in her love starved position, you might do the same All over the world, girls teenage, adult, middle aged, whatever are being sucked into abusive relationships and worse thanks to the same tactics that Marc uses on her It s not an easy book to read at times you really, really want Ames to catch a break You want her old friends to get a red hot poker shoved up their ass You want to hit her parents repeatedly until some sense is knocked into them Then maybe kick the mother again.You don t, however, want them to die.But does Ames What is her breaking point, exactly And how is Marc going to lead her down a very dark and disturbing road You ll have to read to find out.

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    4.5 of 5GRADE B Spoiled rich girl, fifteen year old Ames has a family she adores A father she worships A mother she trusts and enjoys An amazing little sister Her friends even tease her for spending so much time with her family and enjoying it But, sometimes what lies beneath the surface is enough to shatter one s sense of trust and reality When her workaholic father starts spending time at home, during the day, and her mother becomes moody and tense, and her parents perfect marriage is punctuated by tears and shouting, Ames begins to wonder if her parents have been lying to her Almost overnight her father begins drinking and her mother becomes angry When Ames, who had never been kissed, meets twenty two year old bad boy Marc, with his big attitude and even larger gun collection He talks of revenge, that kill anyone who tries to end his relationship with Ames, even her parents, she believes him And she just might agree with him DARK SONG takes us painstakingly through Ames descent from goody goody rich girl surrounded by love, to disillusioned rebel, trying to reclaim some semblance of life to either redemption or disaster Empathizing with her struggles, even when her behavior was stupid or immature, was easy for me I could understand how living in a bubble of illusion could bring a teenagers to despair, how she lost her way and looked for love in the wrong places, with the wrong guy Her character and Marc s were well developed, sometimes sympathetic, sometimes repulsive, often unlikable I never wavered from rooting for Ames, never stopped hoping for her life to get better Some of the minor characters are one dimensional, but most have assets and flaws The plot opens with Ames believing her family is perfect, but soon she knows there are secrets and lies, which we learn like peeling an onion layer by layer My only criticism is that the story ended too abruptly, while there is resolution, I would have preferred detail or a glimpse into the future Gail Giles once again delivers a novel with a strong, distinct voice through Ames s narration She writes teenage dialogue like no other non teenager I ve ever read You ll want to retread this and her other novels, because they are just that compelling I hope she writes many , and quickly.

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    So this was in two parts It started off strong in the first half I was intrigued Couldnt wait to get home from work to finish Got to part two and nope I can see where the author was going with this and the end itself was pretty good It was the whole relationship that didnt work for me To fast and not a believable time frame So I was a biy disappointed I would round up to 3.5 stars.

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    Fifteen year old Ames Ford leads a charmed life a mansion, an exclusive private school, and vacations to Alaska to soak in hot springs and view the aurora borealis But her family s lifestyle proves to be as ephemeral as those northern lights when Dad is caught mishandling money at work and loses his job In this timely narrative, Ames watches in stunned disbelief as her family loses everything, Dad begins drinking, and Mom becomes cold and short tempered The family is forced to move from Boulder to rural Texas, renting a filthy tract house from Dad s parents, whom Ames never even knew existed Enter Marc a neighbor who agrees to help the family clean and restore their home To Mom and Dad, he s a religious, homeschooled teenage boy But Ames soon learns he s much older, and very different, than he seems In fact, he embodies the anger that Ames feels toward her parents and their sudden change of circumstances, quickly becoming a controlling and dangerous partner to the confused fifteen year old caught between her own need for love and a desire for revenge There is nothing subtle about either the plot or the characters here Many elements of the narrative seem rushed while others such as the introduction of Ames heretofore unknown grandparents who ask her to call them Mr and Mrs Ames seem underdeveloped within the larger confines of the story Despite these flaws, this teen pleasing story moves quickly, and with mounting suspense, toward a pulse pounding conclusion.

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    This had the potential to be something good Unfortunately in my opinion it was a huge let down Character development was lacking and there was really no story other than this Good rich girl s family suddenly goes broke The perfect family turns on each other and immediately seem to hate each other Family moves into mean grandparents rental home and things get worse Good girl, who is really hurt and angry with parents, meets abusive bad boy and becomes a rebellious teen Bad boy convinces girl to kill parents Girl later changes her mind and turns him in The end.

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    Reviewed by Breanna F for TeensReadToo.com It felt dangerous I found something dark in me that sang I wanted to listen Maybe I wanted to sing, too Fifteen year old Ames has been betrayed Her whole life she has been one of the rich kids, until her father runs her family s life down the drain with his stupidity Now, her life is spiraling downwards Her mother is freaking out and taking her worries out on everyone else, and all her father seems to be able to do is drink The only levelheaded one in the family is Chrissy, who happens to be six years old.They are now living in a hellhole somewhere in Texas, and Ames is constantly being yelled at, worked to the bone, or getting very close to being smacked around by her parents But in Texas, she also has Marc Marc is 22 and exactly the type of guy who Ames friend, Em, would go for Now that Ames has this different life, she decides she could be dangerous like Em.Right away, Marc says he s going to protect her, that he doesn t like the way she s being treated by her family When he s at her house one day and says he s got a gun, it excites her But she doesn t realize the trap that she is quickly being pulled in to.This book was one of those page turners I finished it in about a day The first half focuses on Ames family falling apart because of her father, and the second part details their new life in Texas and Ames obsession with being a bad girl As soon as Marc showed up I got a bad feeling, but of course that was to be expected.I definitely wasn t expecting DARK SONG to end the way it did, but I liked the ending If you re looking for a fast paced, drama filled read, then this is definitely the book for you.

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    3 1 2 starsI was pretty excited about this one Good girl Ames who finds her life starting to spiral out of control When she meets Marc, she finds herself going to the dark side with him He falls for her Hard Ames beings to rebel and has to come to terms if she s really prepared to betray her family for him.This is a hard book for me to review It is set in two parts, and each part is completely different than the other It almost felt as if I was reading two different books The first part focuses mainly on family issues and her struggle dealing with it all Part two focuses on her relationship with Marc and her transformation to a completely different person.Part one was slow, where part two I couldn t stop reading But really it all felt to rushed Everything happened so fast in their relationship I couldn t really feel the connection between them and where his obsession with her really began I wanted insight to his darkness Honestly, I think the second part could have held on it s own if the author would have focused on that and less of the family issues More detail into their dark descent together I ve looked into other books by this author and they all seem to have a darker theme to them, so I am interested in trying another of her books for a different experience This is YA but definitely has serious themes involved.