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L'Accompagnatrice pdf L'Accompagnatrice, ebook L'Accompagnatrice, epub L'Accompagnatrice, doc L'Accompagnatrice, e-pub L'Accompagnatrice, L'Accompagnatrice fb655e0a1f8 A Spellbinding Short Novel Set In Post Revolutionary Russia About A Young Girl S Jealousy The Fifth Book Of Nina Berberova To Be Published By New Directions, The Accompanist, Written In , Proved To Be A Literary Phenomenon In Europe Where It Was First Published A Spellbinding, Short Novel Set In Post Revolutionary Russia The Accompanist Portrays With Extraordinary Sensitivity The Entangled Relationships Of Three Intriguing Characters Sonechka Is A Talented But Shy Young Pianist Hired By A Beautiful Soprano Maria Nikolaevna And Her Devoted, Bourgeois Husband Maria Is Everything Sonechka Is Notglamorous And Flamboyant Her Voice Brings With It Something Immortal And Indisputable, Something Which Gives Reality To The Human Being S Dream Of Having Wings Doomed To Live In Her Mentor S Shadow, The Young Girl Secretly Schemes To Expose The Singer S Infidelities But As She Awaits Her Chance, The Diva S Husband Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Bringing Events To A Surprising Resolution This Intense And Beautiful Little Novel Was Published In America Almost Fifty Years After It Was Written Sadly Out Of Print For A Number Of Years, It Is A Wonderfully Compelling And Crucial Addition To Nina Berberova S Growing Number Of Published Fictional Works

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    No matter how many times people tell me that a worm could never aspire to world greatness, I ll never stop waiting and telling myself you can t die, can t let up, not as log as one person is still walking on this earth There is still one debt which, maybe, one day, you will recover If there is a God Nina Berberova missed the first crawl If she would lift up the ends of her ill fitting dress the knees should be blackened with fate Not a too close call with a brighter star Sonechka is born under the sign of a secret life lived before you Her mother, the popular piano teacher, will say This is my daughter when her embracing students ask who is this little girl, now nine years old I wonder what the little face looked like before, hiding behind curtain skirt hems Born under the planet of her thirty year old mother had her first love in her nineteen year old student Hiding behind do not disturb white flags She must have loved him to have finally known this Sonechka is carried around in a kangaroo s pouch of hide from the wishing stars in bastard s shame They move to Petersburg when all of the students cannot love their beloved music teacher any longer I missed the heart beat of every day her mother lives alone How bright did she burn when she loved The little and ugly Sonechka is the year of the dog of beg for scraps, the year of hide under the table, the year of tail between your legs Berberova misses when the girl who professes herself to be loved by her mother with a pathetic gap is not the child of love The pathetic gap is a visible dark hole to me than all other locked doors to her She has nothing to do with them Her mother s favorite and sole loyal student is a musical genius Dismissed by Sonechka he still orbits the musical verse the young, but nothing else, woman does for nothing else Berberova missed the crawl of every day when she attends the conservatory and is not special This oily genius asks her in the end is she not ashamed to be merely playing music in a theater when apparently everyone had had such high hopes for her No one ever had high hopes for her It sounds like a mouth born tasting bitterness It is Soviet Russia and you wake up to wait in line for food Your mouth is formed too dry to swallow pride The girl writes about herself that she is not beautiful, she is not smart She has nothing to recommend herself It sounds like someone who gives their last name or serial number I feel that it would have been sushi guts to swallow every day if it had always been that way It was always that way Sonechka isn t the ugly girl only when she gets a job as an accompanist to the glamorous Maria Nikolaevna The desire to get even with the beautiful woman who appears to her first in pink stockings and it must have been lingerie The girl is too mesmerized to know what it is she is seeing She has lovers and a husband and Sonechka insists with screwed eyes fury that her husband couldn t allow himself to be taken over by them She cries and she feels a gnawing inside It isn t for the husband that she feels betrayed She only wants the secure world to crumble It wouldn t mean that she was nothing if someone else couldn t be born such a something There are teeth chewing her soul and eating her heart and she doesn t understand why, though she says that she does I didn t care if the husband found out that his wife had a lover If Maria was beautiful and everything would work out for her as it would to a person who was born healthy and beautiful and happy that they couldn t even question it Her job playing piano for the singer didn t matter That she felt ugly and little and twisted by her side She has nothing of her own and has no language to ask for what it is that she wants I felt it was important that she is born like a baby without eyes than the dazzling everything of the singer Maria Nikolaevna is boring to me I didn t really care about Sonechka either I felt that I should have been able to feel her ugly girls pain inside my own ugly girls pain I thought it was a mistake to send this glittering singer s life into the sky and darken the rest Everyone shined without Sonechka It would be all around her It would hurt every day to just walk down the street It is possible that I m just an embittered ugly girl, expecting too much of this tiny novel Maybe she was obsessed with Maria and the hollowness didn t have to speak of how lonely it must be to be born special to no one, truly loved by no one What do you have to do to be good enough Sonechka isn t owed I think that and I m still going to say that Berberova missed where it really hurt It was too late before she ever met Maria Whatever happened to her was never going to matter My New Directions copy seemed to me to want to rescue a lost classic Translated into French and unknown in the English reading world for fifty years.

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    Berberova s little novel seems simple enough at the start, but there is a prickling emotional intensity that grows as the story progresses I enjoyed the unexpected twists near the end and overall found this piece quite enjoyable I ll be on the lookout for Berberova s other works.

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    De machtsverhouding tussen de twee personages begeleidster en zangeres is confronterend en oneerlijk Het is er een die ik niet vaak ben tegengekomen in de literatuur, terwijl het juist herkenbaar en levensecht is De eerbied en de haat van de ongelukkige, ongetalenteerde begeleidster voor de schitterende zangeres, voor wie het geluk eenvoudig lijkt En als lezer wil je eigenlijk ook niet dat haar geluk eenvoudig is, omdat jij aan de kant staat van de Begeleidster misschien alleen omdat je haar memoires leest, misschien omdat dat eenvoudige geluk meer iets lijkt voor anderen.Twee mooie citaten over deze moeizame wisselwerking En God Waar was Hij Waarom had Hij ons niet allemaal gemaakt zoals Hij haar had gemaakt Een gelukkig mens leeft als het ware boven de anderen en verdrukt hen natuurlijk enigszins En er valt niets te vergeven, het is net zoiets als gezondheid, schoonheid Als dat laatste citaat klopt, echter, is het misschien beter de zoektocht naar geluk op te geven.

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    i love this book i think it s one of the best in the novel world

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    Nouvelle sans grande envergure Le cheminement psychologique du personnage principal m a sembl trange un peu comme un cheveu dans la soupe.

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    Quando non entr in sintonia con un libro, mi chiedo sempre il perch.Non era il momento giusto Il romanzo troppo breve colla della trama Dei personaggi Sinceramente non saprei, forse un mix di tutte le cose.Certo che con poco pi di 100 pagine, difficilmente si riesce ad entrare in sintonia con un personaggio altrettanto vero per che ho letto racconti ben pi corti che mi hanno emozionato, quindi lo stile che non mi ha colpito A pensarci bene, non sono rimasta n particolarmente colpita n particolarmente delusa dallo stile utilizzato anche se, a mio parere, un po freddo E questa non una battuta sulla provenienza della scrittrice, ma un mero dato di fatto.L espediente narrativo utilizzati, ovvero il ritrovamento di un diario con le memorie della protagonista, non ha certo aiutato un quando, essendo vicende ricostruire, non potevano di certo essere riportate le emozioni come vissute in quel momento.Tuttavia si parlava di gelosia, invidia, ammirazione che sfociava quasi in venerazione, tutti sentimenti passionali che il questo contesto hanno mostrato ben poca passione.Ma non tutto qui, la protagonista, l accompagnatrice, proprio uno di quei personaggi che non riesco a farmi piacere Passiva, apatica all esterno, viene trascinata dagli eventi divenendo una comparsa di quegli stessi episodi che avrebbero potuto benissimo vederla come protagonista.Insomma una vita vissuta a met e forse per questo per me un po deludente.

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    Ante m fulguraba la vida y pasaba de largo, trituraba y mol a a las personas, pero a m no me rozaba, por mucho que se lo rogaraGracias a Marta Reb n por la traducci n Gracias a ella he descubierto a Ul tskaya, Chukovskaia, o Berb rova, y gracias a ellas estoy pensando en pedir la nacionalidad rusa, aprender ruso, irme a Rusia y empezar a vivir a la rusa, con pasi n y tozudez y rabia y nostalgia..Mar a Tr vina, vive y S niechka, envidia Todos creemos ser del grupo de los vivos Soberbios y arrogantes mediocres Todo lo vivieron los rusos y todo lo escribieron los rusos Qu pena que sea una novela corta si dura unas p ginas m s seguramente descubro el secreto de la infelicidad.

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    Me encanto, lo empece y no lo pude soltar hasta terminarlo.

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    As pessoas s o ego stas.

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