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    Phyllis Tickle used true stories about herself, her husband, their children to draw analogies between each story and a significant day in the Spring Easter season I enjoyed reading the book and it was very enjoyable much like chatting with a good friend over a cup of coffee or tea.

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    Phyllis Tickle is a major name in religious writing She was the editor of the religion department until 2004 when she retired Back when I purchased religion books for my library, I looked to Tickle s reviews to make sure our collection had good books Her word and her writings are well respected.All of which did not matter when I tried to read some of her books For whatever reason, I could not get into her writing style I love her Divine Hours series, but she did not write the material in them So when I saw this book on the library shelves, I was not sure what I would think.However, this is the kind of writing I like Tickle is telling her story as it ties up with the bigger story of life and Christianity She relates the seasons of the church, their farm and life all together I now feel like I know Tickle herself and that may help me approach her other writing.I recommend this book to those Christians who love story and the intersections of the liturgical year with nature s seasons to readers who like to learn about families in any setting and to those looking for devotional readings.

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    A sweet little very short book Sort of a devotional, but focused on simple stories about life on the farm with her husband and children I think they had 7 kids It didn t knock my socks off or anything, but it had some good moments It was interesting for me reading this, due to my Christian nondenominational background The author comes from an Episcopal background, so the book focuses a lot on the church calendar of holy days and the specific liturgical aspects of the Christian faith As I didn t grow up in a liturgical church, this was a very different perspective for me, but I appreciated her insights from that perspective.

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    Another great American character book Phyllis Tickle, along with her family, returns to the country and raises her children on the farm A high church Episcopalian, she is very gifted in relating the significance of the liturgical year to lessons learned on the farm Mother and I are reading all three books in this series, and we both have been moved and enlightened I truly love reads that make me want to burst into songs of praise loud upon the hills, singing All Creatures of My God and King These books take me from my old age depressions and set me firmly upon that bluff, overlooking my fellow citizens Alleluia

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    Reading this book made me want to 1 live in the country and 2 get in touch with my liturgical, Anglican side of religious life that finds meaning in seasons, holy days and ritual.I took my time reading this book, mostly because I was reading while nursing my newborn son and also because I didn t want it to end On the other hand, some of the stories had a lack of flow that tired me Perhaps, the writing could have been better edited That said, I would still want to read works by the author.

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    I really liked this book If you have zero rural living it may not be the book for you though The author shares life events from her families life on their farm weaving in Holy Week.It is really a book of short essays so you can grab the book and read just one short chapter Each one took me at least a day to really digest and think about it One chapter is about grief with her descriptions putting words to a difficult bunch of feelings.

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    Tickle wrote three books that chronicle the church year from her farm in Lucy, Tennessee This is the Lent through Ascension version These are simple stories, told about children and the migration of birds, lost blankets, a secret self in the closet that holds mysteries Tickle weaves her faith and the lessons of the Holy Days into these every day stories I used it as a kind of devotion through the Lent season and enjoyed it very much.

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    This is wonderful little cup of warm, fragrant tea I loved ending my day with a quick chapter to enjoy sipping in the beautiful setting of Phyllis Tickle s family farm in western TN.Phyllis paints a pastoral picture through the lens of the liturgical calendar from Lent to Pentecost She allows you to sit on the stump with her, just inside the fence line, on the first night the fireflies come to mate their lights aglow dancing in the trees You can sit and forget the what and how of me.

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    Filled with simple stories of her family, I enjoyed reading Tickles s words before going to bed I was expecting obvious themes of the Lenten season in these short stories, which I didn t find Sweet and simple, but nothing that took my breath away.

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    Excellent read

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Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days summary pdf Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days, summary chapter 2 Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days, sparknotes Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days, Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days 19a08eb In Her Three Book Series That Spans The Liturgical Year, Renowned Author Phyllis Tickle Recalls Simple Stories From Life On Her Family S Farm In Lucy, Tennessee In These Spiritually Uplifting And Nostalgic Memoirs, Tickle Records The Richness Of Faith In Everyday Life What The Land Already Knows Celebrates Advent, Christmas, And The Epiphany Wisdom In The Waiting Reflects On Lent, Easter, And Pentecost The Graces We Remember Provides Tales From The End Of Pentecost To The Beginning Of Advent

  • Hardcover
  • 130 pages
  • Wisdom in the Waiting: Spring's Sacred Days
  • Phyllis A. Tickle
  • English
  • 09 January 2017
  • 9780829417654

About the Author: Phyllis A. Tickle

Phyllis Natalie Tickle was an American author and lecturer whose work focuses on spirituality and religion issues After serving as a teacher, professor, and academic dean, Tickle entered the publishing industry, serving as the founding editor of the religion department at Publishers Weekly, before then becoming a popular writer She is well known as a leading voice in the emergence church movemen