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His Sub's Submissive quotes His Sub's Submissive, litcharts His Sub's Submissive, symbolism His Sub's Submissive, summary shmoop His Sub's Submissive, His Sub's Submissive a141d9e9 Erotic Romance Author And Closet Submissive Sloan Newman Wondered What Being A Sexual Submissive Would Be Like When Her Cousins Jenna Best And Taurus Green Offer Her A Chance To Take Part In The Slave Auction Their BDSM Club Is Holding For Charity, Sloan Agrees If Nothing Else, She Ll Be Able To Use The Knowledge Gained In Her Future WritingsIt S Master Dane Bennett S Life Partner Sub Merlin Gates Th Birthday And Dane Wants To Buy Him A Gift A Submissive Little Pet They Can Both Play For The Weekend As Soon As The Bisexual Men See Sloan On Stage, They Know This Is The Woman They Ve Been Looking For After Spending The Weekend Introducing Her To BDSM, They Realize She Is The Woman They Want To Complete Their Family Now All They Have To Do Is Get Her To Agree To Be His Sub S SubmissiveNote The Main Character Is A Pediatrician

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    Too perfect to be believable, to the point where it would pull me out of a story Woman s never given head in her life, but suddenly is the best he s ever had Only had sex once in her life and it was crappy, and now the third time she s taking two men at once Never has anything to do with BDSM and now knows just what to do and has no problem with any of it And did you really need to use the phrase man juice If you can ignore the perfect ness, it s fairly well written and hot.

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    These are really just quick, hot reads Insta love, not a lot of angst..I liked it though

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    Dom Dane Bennett is celebrating his sub s 30th birthday by purchasing a female sub for the birthday guy with his agreement from a BDSM club s first annual slave sub auction for charity The club has stipulated in regard to this purchase, that it is only for a weekend s duration Oh my goodness I m psyched.Merlin Gates is Dane s sub and he is called Pet He is a doctor who suffers greatly when a patient of his dies His Dom has helped him release his pain by a rather special birthday tradition This scenario so moved me on many levels, plus it became clear to me that Dane and Merlin were a really special pair Dane is a bit of mystery except that he is a loving, experienced, and commanding Dom His power and control are impressive.Sloan Newman is going through some truly bad times She doesn t have enough money to cover her bills Her supplemental job is in a rather bad part of town her income from her main job has gone down Sloan s very successful cousins have tracked her to the extremely seedy looking Java Stop and kind of read her the riot act Additionally, they need her to fill in for their first annual slave sub auction for charity Submissive by nature, Sloan gets talked into filling in.A fairly simple set of circumstances paves the way for a loving duo to become a passionate and triumphant trio What a spectacular transformation It is such an exquisitely sweet and marvelous twist of fate on several levels Do follow these three during their weekend and the week thereafter I hope you find their merging as amazing and fulfilling as I did NOTE This book was provided by Siren Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    I liked this better than I thought I would I was wondering how it would turn out, I had a hard time imagining what would happen but in the end I found it enjoyable While I enjoyed it, it felt terribly short The ending felt rushed, but over all I liked the writing It may not have been as steamy as I normally would like, but it told a good story.Sometimes in stories I feel like love is rushed This was no different Both parties, it seemed like love at first sight I don t believe in love at first sight Lust, yes Love, no So it was harder to believe that they fell in love with each other without really knowing who each other were That and the shortness were the only things that bugged me about this novel.I like McKenzie s writing I will continue on in the series, I have read some of her other stuff and look forward to on this I still prefer Cherise Sinclair s Masters of the Shadowlands series, since it is in depth and has time to develop the characters But this was a nice short story that can be read in one sitting Just don t look for too much depth from it.

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    3.5 stars This is a sweet BDSM romp with Sloan, a nearly virginal young woman joining an established MM Dom and sub for the weekend after Master Dane and Merlin win the bidding at a BDSM club Slave charity auction as a birthday present for the sub It does require you to suspend belief somewhat in how fast the relationship grows, but it s a fun, smexy read just the same.

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    His Sub s Submissive by Cooper McKenzieI received this book from Ms McKenzie as a holiday gift and I m so glad I did You could say I won twice because I now have a new author to follow and a new series to pick up and enjoy reading.Though not long at 12 chapters, it was well written and with some smokin hot scenes Plenty of details too on some of the secondary characters that are have me looking forward to reading about them in the next installments.Sloan is at a low point in her life where everything is falling apart She is working at a coffee shop in a bad part of town just to pay bills and in her spare time working on her passion which is writing erotica Her love life is nil and not looking up any time soon All this changes when her two cousins show up and offer her a chance to be a sub for a weekend as part of an auction they are holding at their BDSM Club Esoteria.Master Dane and his sub and partner Merlin have been a couple for several years and as a birthday present to Merlin they attend the auction looking for a third It is Dane s wish to find a sub for his sub but importantly to find the woman that they have been searching for so long Whoever said souls mates could only be between two people hadn t meet Dane, Merlin and Sloan That s how much these three fit so well together Sloan needed someone to care about her and care for her and she got it times two Merlin got dominance from Dane but submission from Sloan and the woman s touch they were looking for and as for Dane ahhh he got his heart s desire.I recommend this book to all that like a well written story with steamy erotic scenes between two hot guys and a beautifully curvaceous woman Add a bit of BDSM, romance and a Happily Ever After and it s all good Favorite lines two men were three times the fun Don t look so worried I won t bite, too much He f ked me He came after about a minute, right before I threw up on him Can we keep her Merlin whispered after he saw that the woman between them had fallen asleep Please, Master I think you melted my bones

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    Wanting to make her writing better wanna be writer, Sloan Newman agrees to a sub slave auction in her cousins BDSM club She is willing to submit to a man for the experience for one whole weekend It s Master Dane Bennet s subs 30th birthday and Dane wants to spoil him He tells his sub, Merlin Gates, to choose someone in the auction to be their third for the weekend Merlin finds an immediate attraction to Sloan s innocence Over the weekend, Sloan finds herself in a caring, loving relationship Nicknamed their Angel, she experiences orgasms and the TLC she s always craved with her Master and Sir They introduce her softly and gently into the BDSM lifestyle She hates the thought of having to return to her dull, tedious lifestyle Merlin absolutely wants to keep her, and although Dane agrees, he believes that she needs time to process what she s gone through Nearly a week goes by without a word from their Angel They don t even know her last name, but they want her back and want her with them now When they realize that they didn t leave a way to contact them, they return to the BDSM club and demand a way to contact her The owners, Jenna and Taurus, are actually Sloan s cousins Eventually seeing that they care for Sloan, Jenna gives them the name of the coffee shop that Sloan works at Nothing will stop them from finding her, from completing their family, not even a burnt down coffee shop Ah BDSM written at its best Intense yet caring, understanding, yet staying true to their dominant natures, willing not to push, but to nurture the bond that is happening to all three of them Great little read Only wish it had been longer

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    My Rating 3.5 StarsDane and Merlin are a couple but they are looking for the one that completes their triad, and sweet Sloan seems to be the perfect fit By the way, naming one of the characters Merlin was cool, in my opinion.I ve had this author on my TBR to be read since 2015 when I first discover her series by accident.It was not until now that I actually put my eyes to good use to read the story and I m glad I did It was just what I was looking for, right now hot, sweet, sexy, and romantic.Don t let the fact that this book is short fool you It has all the necessary element for a good story and yes, it could have been longer but it would be unnecessary fillers because just as it is, it tells a compelling story that I just liked to read.I believe this book could fall in the insta love category because of the way the characters fell in love but I don t mind one single bit I was looking for a hot menage and got what I was looking for.One thing that I want to point out is that McKenzie, as an author, did a very good job at portraying a sweet and loving relationship in the BDSM fantasy that she wrote I don t believe is absolutely the way things work on the D s community but I like to see something like this from time to time.What stood up to me the most were the sex scene What Don t judge me, I like my sex scenes well done, realistic and with love Again, I m not saying that all scenes are done like the author portrait them but I liked the fact that she had the condoms, the lube, the preparation of all parties into account when she went there.

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    Disclaimer I tend to stay away from mmf because a lot of the ones I ve read, the H H are all up in it with each other while the h is left off on the other side of the bed or in another room.But I m over that for a little while I was pleasant surprised that didn t happen too much in this story I thought Sloan s character was great, I love angst and she had a lot of it going on I think had the story been longer it would have been great to know about why she was the way she was Anywhoo, I really enjoyed Merlin and Dane but like Sloan a little bit about them would have satisfied my mental shenanigans The end happened so fast i wasnt sure the books was finished, i kept tapping the screen on my iPad thinking surely that s not itWill I read in the series Probably not but that s just meHappy Reading Folks P.S Does anyone know why there was a disclaimer on Bookstrand that the main character is a pediatrician What are they trying to say there That pedi s can t have kink in their lives

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    When Sloan is asked to auction herself off at her cousin s BDSM club, she hesitates for a split second, but ultimately jumps at the chance to fulfill her fantasies Master Dane is a loving and sweet Dom If you are looking for rough and tumble, this is not the Dom for you Although classified as BDSM, I would say it is BDSM light with elements of the culture thrown in The book was a fairly quick read, but allowed ample time for character development I thoroughly reading enjoyed it In fact, I am moving on to the next in the series ______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic eBook Exchange

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