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    Anyone who knows me do you knows that i have a strong passion for this particular Japanese chain store Muji has been around since 1980, and it specializes in minimal great designs and fantastic practical products Everything from the bicycle to the Umbrella to a cotten white dress shirt to dresses to underwear to kitchen stuff So basically they offer the napkin to the pre fab Muji designed house.I discovered this store in 1989, and have been a huge fan since then Besides Japan, they opened up stores in Europe London and Paris has superb Muji outlets and in New York City What got me stuck on them was their stationary products specifically their writing instruments and blank notebooks What they offer was something that had no identity, but perfectly designed A weird combination perhaps, but there no logo stance is actually their logo Muji the book pretty much describes the seduction of a clean interior with very minimal designed products A perfect world to me is a house designed by Muji with their product The only thing i haven t tried Muji is their food line Mostly crackers, ice cream and various types of drinkable liquids But I am not sure if I want to open the packaging because it looks too beautiful, too perfect The packaging maybe important than what s inside it Perhaps Nevertheless a fascinating book on a fascinating company Long may they live

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    MUJI s aim is not to strive to invoke the I need this feeling, but rather, this is sufficient, this will do.

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    This book s a great introduction to how MUJI thinks about design I loved this gem Design can be thought of as a factor that injects a level of excitement into daily life If we substitute the metaphor brand or shirushi for excitement, and then take away the excitement shirushi to create mujirushi, or no brand, we help strike a balance in the world of design Adopting a critical stance to ordinary design, MUJI is devoted to producing functional tools for life I m not saying that excitement is bad We need it and want it in our lives, but there shouldn t be too much MUJI is a design ideology that occurred naturally as a form of resistance against an era that was seen as chaotic and overflowing with stimulation Excitement and MUJI represent a pair of opposite desires in our daily lives or our lifestyles MUJI carries a sense of comfort that can only be felt when we suppress a desire or longing It s as if, after searching everywhere for what you want and having no luck, you arrive at MUJI in the end, exhausted And you think, I guess this will do There is a feeling of something slipping right into its proper position that is similar to the feeling of giving something up It s the feeling you get when you re able to recover a little calm after being in the frenzied state driven by desire, and look around to find a collection of objects that are reasonable or suitable to daily life, waiting quietly for you.Beautifully described MUJI teaches us how the best products show a careful consideration for how they fit into our lives, and are able to reflect that understanding through design.

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    Not This is what I want but This will do I would not have purchased this book and haven t yet I read it from an intersection of events, live streaming a talk by Naoto Fukasawa and staying at a friends place who had the book Naoto s talk inspired me to read the book I expected to read about the history of Muji and learn about their designs There was very little about specific designs in this book beyond images Instead, this book was to the tune of talking about Muji s philosophy It was a delightful surprise After years of seeing Muji products, visiting their stores, and hearing talks by their designers and CEOs, this book reinforced everything I d previously heard It is fantastic to see a brand that has existed for as long as Muji to have such a singular aligned vision coming from contributing members Recommended for everyone who would call themselves a Designer or anyone interested in Muji Muji is enough

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    I found this book in the office At first I was wondering why people want to spend money on some company profile Well I was wrong This book is than just about company profile, it s about aesthetics, minimalism, and a way of life.Inside, readers can find not only brilliant product designs from Muji, but also the main principle behind them And that s the real thing to me It s important because it can be applied on almost anything in life It s the book that teaches the success principle of Muji, the real core of the company, what drives them and what makes them a winner.I would suggest this book for everybody who s eager to know about Japanese culture and Muji of course And if you don t want to be too serious, you can also make it as some kind of coffee table book.

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Muji download Muji , read online Muji , kindle ebook Muji , Muji 3f7a7d36332b This Fascinating Monograph Provides An Unprecedented View Into The Inner Workings Of Muji, One Of The Most Influential Brands Leading Sustainable Design A Prescient Advocate Of Sustainable Consumption And The Matchless Utility Of Good Design, Muji S Founding Principle Was To Develop New And Simple Products At Reasonable Prices By Making The Best Use Of Materials While Minimizing Their Impact On The Environment From A Humble Inaugural Line Of Eight Products Nearly Three Decades Ago, The Brand Now Sells Nearly Seven Thousand Different Products In Hundreds Of Its Own Stores In Asia, Europe, And North America