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    Good book Colin is a fourteenth century Scot, caught up in the war to free Scotland from the English When he goes to a seer for advice on how to win, he runs afoul of the Faerie Queen, who curses him with being able to hear the pain of all who have no Soulmates Ten years later he is sucked into the future and ends up in Abby s bed As beautiful as she is, he feels the need to get back home He has a cousin who also lives in the future and goes to her for help He hasn t been able to forget Abby, who haunts his dreams.Abby is an archaeologist who has a magical talent for finding things It turns out she has Faerie blood and that is her gift A late night wish for The One brings Colin to her bed, but she doesn t believe his story She gladly hands him off to his cousin, a former professor of hers, but is unable to forget him She is involved in a dig in Scotland, but is unaware that the man in charge has in mind for her He is an evil Fae who wants her for her Faerie blood.Both Colin and Abby are strong minded people with definite ideas about their futures Colin is determined to get back home and save king and country from the disaster he discovered by reading a history book in the future He refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that he cannot go back and change history without causing devastating results When he finds out that he is in the future because of Abby he is determined that she send him back His connection to her also makes him aware of the evil that is stalking her, and he is compelled to protect her Abby is thrilled to be included in the dig in Scotland, but the man is charge is really starting to creep her out The attention he pays to her makes her very uncomfortable Colin s reappearance in her life is timely, as she hopes that pretending he is her boyfriend will keep Jonathan away from her However, she has a very hard time believing Colin s story of who he is, how he got there, and what he needs her to do But when the only way to escape is to wish themselves back to 1306, suddenly she has to believe.I loved the connection between Colin and Abby, which was very strong Their interactions, especially at the beginning when Abby didn t believe him, were pretty fun The time they spent together, the deeper their connection got Things really got good when they admitted their feelings for each other, but they had to deal with what was keeping them apart Colin does not want to give up his plans to save king and country, even though it goes against everyone s advice And Abby is not at all happy with the idea of staying in 1306 She is a modern woman who likes her life just as it is Ultimately, they have to decide which is important their plans or their love.Their conflict with the evil Fae was very well done His thoughts and motivations were believably portrayed Colin had spent a long time fighting against his own Faerie heritage, seeing only the trouble it had caused That same heritage made it possible for him to be the one to save Abby Her reactions to Jonathan before she knew what he was showed good instincts on her part, even though she was reluctant to believe the truth at the beginning I loved the journey to the past and seeing Abby s reactions to everything Abby had great instincts about Colin, and some of the things she had to do to stay with him were fun to see, and his reactions were priceless The ending was great and I loved how they worked things out.

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    The eighth book in the Daughters of the Glen This is what I d call a fun, light romance It s a paranormal fantasy time travel romance with a dose of humor Nothing to take too seriously Part of a series but I haven t read them all I didn t lose anything in my opinion by not reading the previous books.

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    As much as I love this entire series, I really enjoy those books that include time traveling And when there s time traveling going both ways, I m in heaven Colin and Abby have a time of it when magic and evil combine to wreak havoc on them while fighting an attraction they don t understand or necessarily want at this point in their lives But then again, life isn t done rotating on its axis yet.Colin MacAlister has a deep hatred for the Fae due to the injurious damage they ve rained on his family When searching for his destiny from a seer, he runs into the Faerie Queen herself, who doesn t take kindly to his selfish and arrogant attitude and promptly curses him to feel the pain of all souls who were torn from their mates, never to be reunited He suffers for a long ten years, learning to block the anguish just get through each day.Having the uncanny ability to locate items just by thinking of them, Abigail Porter is quite successful in her chosen field of archeology She s been chosen for an assignment of a lifetime in Scotland and has no way of knowing that a darkness is about to invade her world When celebrating and saying goodbye to friends with a tad too much to drink, she wishes for The One to share her life with.Fae magic once intervenes in Colin s life, this time whisking him across the centuries to Abby She s a woman he could fall for, but through the abilities he s gained from his curse, he can tell she already has a soulmate Not for a minute believing in faeries, especially when it comes to herself, Abby has to eventually suspend her belief when she and Colin are cornered by the evil that has slyly insinuated itself into her life Only when they are transported to Colin s time initiated by her wish that it be so and she meets his family, which includes another twenty first century woman, does she begin to realize what she can have in her life But Abby knows she doesn t belong in the past and is determined to return to her home With Colin intent on saving his king and his friends from an ambush, all of which he learned from reading history books in the future, Abby has no choice but to go along with his crazy idea of marrying to keep up appearances as they travel headlong into danger.I really like Colin and Abby, they complement each other so very well Each is intent on doing what they think is right each is very stubborn when it comes to that intent They have their own vulnerabilities, but once they acknowledge their feelings, they become stronger and work together very well Ms Mayhue has a penchant for creating villainous evil and Flynn is no exception in this book Man nor beast is never safe when he s around and bent on getting what he wants We also get caught up with past characters, which helps because after eight books there are a number involved It s definitely one big, happy, and complicated family, but the relationships are spelled out succinctly so you re never lost.I don t know how much longer this series is slated to last, but for however long that is, I intend to keep enjoying every last word You just can t get enough of the magic that is Melissa Mayhue s romantic Scottish fantasies.See my complete review at

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    Highlander s Curse Daughters of the Glen 8 by Melissa MayhueWhen COLIN MACALISTER is cursed by the Faerie Queen and ends up in the bed of a twenty first century woman who also happens to be the most beautiful creature he s ever laid eyes on he s torn between anger and lust Colin is determined to see Scotland free of English control and must return to the fourteenth century, yet he cannot forget the woman who haunts his dreams and stirs him with scorching desire.ABIGAIL PORTER can t believe her luck After making a wish to find her soul mate, she wakes up to find a gorgeous man in her bed Can he really be a medieval Highlander summoned by her Faerie Magic, however It seems crazy, but when Abby discovers someone wants to enslave her because of her Faerie heritage, she agrees to flee with Colin to 1306 Scotland to avoid capture Thwarting danger at every turn, Abby and Colin surrender to an irresistible passion But is the magic of true love powerful enough to save them My Thoughts.I have to start off buy saying that this series on a whole has been excellent.Abby tale with Colin is very endearing Abby happens to wake up one morning with a naked hunky Highlander in her bed thinking she had to much to drink last night and this is a one night stand.Even being uneasy about this situation she is thinking how lucky am I.There paths crossed as Abby being of Fae descent and not realizing she was Fae at all brought Colin forward in time as she was wishing for him all along that he is magically connected to her And hopefully her life mate even though she wasn t looking for one per say.Colin is in the middle of a pending war when he was brought forth in time He needs to get back to his family in order for him to help them from dying in a war he s already seen Contacting his family that is here in this time for help But, nothing seems to work and the only one who can help him is Abby and she thinks he is crazy for even asking as she has no powers.Abby is traveling back in time too help Colin and return home Things are never easy someones out to hurt Abby and Colin is torn between protecting Abby and saving his friends.They are out on a grand adventure to conquer both causes while falling in loving and creating happiness together and being torn as Abby knows she will never be able to live in the time period.Nice to visit but, she wants out of there As always Melissa has included most case members from previous books engaging in this tale which I so enjoy The character s were funny, witty and it was a heartfelt tale.Enjoyable welcome read A note to readers even though this is part of a series like some books if you read out of the series your lost.You could read this book out of sequence and still have and understanding of whats going on.

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    Abigail Porter has a deep love and fascination with Archaeology and even though she hasn t married or had a family yet she feels like she has her whole life ahead of her and is about to embark on a dig in Scotland which has always been a dream of hersuntil one day she makes a wish and the next morning a man ends up in her bed and they share a passionate kiss which is only the beginning for Abigail and Colin Colin is shocked to find himself 700 in the future and knows that the Fae are to blame He is determined to return back to his time, and when there is a danger to Abigail they go back in time to his time period where it is dangerous than everand only when they work together and their magic will they be able to save them both.Highlanders Curse is the last in the series, and I thought that I might be a little lost at times, but for the most part it wasn t as bad as I thought it would It was a enjoyable story, even though it didn t feel like much of a romance story the first half of it, but the second half was way better and well worth waiting for I really am starting to just love this series, especially since I have a weakness for time travel, but I also enjoyed the excitement and danger aspect of the story as well Even though Highlanders Curse was a delightful read, it was far from my favorite book since it didn t run as smoothly as I expected, especially since I just loved the first book in the series, but I hope the others books are alot betterMy Favorite Quote We are fated to be together Together from the beginning of time until the end of time, he whispered before losing himself in her kiss The sensation of his kiss felt like the world dropped out from under them, and they fell, endlessly locked in each other s arms Abby could imagine no better way to go forth into forever.

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    Solid 4 Stars I really like this, but that is not a shock to me because Melissa Mayhue is a great writer This entire series from book 1 all the way to book 8 has been very enjoyable Some of the books have even ended up on my favorites shelf As I ve come to expect this story was captivating, it drew me in and kept me very entertained all the while weaving through it the excitement of the magic and the Fae The story was very well written with the perfect amount of intrigue, suspense, magic, romance, steam, and depth My only small complaint would be I WANTED AN EPILOGUE I would have loved to have had an in depth epilogue Seeing as this appears to be the last book in the Daughters of the Glen series something along those lines would have been fantastic I highly recommend this entire series to any romance fans, but read it in order Even if you re not sure you like a little magic in your stories this works so well that you ll love it even when you think you might not

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    I LOVE time travel, I LOVE Scots, and I LOVE a well written story So although I ve apparently started out at book 8 in this series, I will definitely be reading them all, because this book had everything I loved.

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    NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS Colin MacAllister is a fairy descendent of the Prince Pol and cursed by the Fairy Queen to forever feel the pain of the united souls crying out for their soulmates, with the knowledge that he ll not find his own within this lifetime even though that would be the only thing that could break the curse When he finds himself 700 years in the future naked and in the bed of Abigail Porter he s no idea why or how he could have been brought there Abby must have been pretty drunk after her girl s night out because she doesn t have a single memory of meeting the naked man in her bed before she wakes up to find him there When he asks her what year it is she cringes thinking she picked up a crazy man, it gets worse when she learns he s the cousin of her favorite college professor and to get him gone she ll have to call her former professor to tell her what she s done When Colin later returns with stories of her having magic and being descended from Fairies she s certain he s insane and despite her dreams about him, she wants nothing to do with him However when Colin saves her from her creepy boss she takes a chance on what he s saying in hopes of surviving the encounter only to wake up naked in his bed 700 years in the past Now that he s home Colin s determined to use the knowledge he gained on adventure to save his Scottish King from certain death Can Abby prevent him from changing the past and possibly eliminating her future Will she ever figure out how to return to that future if she can After finishing the last novel in this series which despite how my poorly written review sounded I really did love, I couldn t wait another minute to read this one A Highlander Cursed by the Fairy Queen Oh yeah, can t miss that one I wasn t disappointed with my purchase in any way First lets recap what I ve say about pretty much all of Mayhue s works it s a well written close third person with a fast pace While it connects with the other books through the characters there isn t as much set up for this novel in previous books as was done with the previous novel Unlike Mayhue s other novels in the series this one doesn t offer an epilogue to tell us how the characters lives are going after their adventure was over and I can t help but be a little let down by that because I really like that feature she offers in most of her novels, but the adventure she creates within the pages of this book was still worth reading I m not sure if this is to be the final book in the series or not, but all of the past MacKiernans and MacAllisters are now paired off and all of the current members of their clan we ve been introduced to are also paired off so this could be the conclusion to the series though I hope it s not I know a spin off series is planned for other characters we ve met in the series so I m looking forward to that, but I d hate to think I d seen the last of Pol or Dallyn What I think would be interesting is if Mayhue did a book like Christine Feehan s Dark Celebration which brings back all the characters we ve met in the series for another adventure Also there s been so much mystery surrounding Cate and Connor s daughter Rosie that I can t help but think she needs a novel However considering the planned released of a spin off series and the fact that all of our adult characters are now paired off this could quite possibly be the last book for the Daughters of the Glen, I m not sure, but like I said I hope not There were a couple things in this book that did bother me First of all the main villain in this novel is Flynn who we first met in the second novel in the series Flynn seems to have broken off on his own for this book away from Servans and Adira In Destiny and Jesse s novel Adira discovered that by drinking human blood the Nuadian fae could commit violence and feel pain and should that blood be of a fae descendent then they could share in that descendents power However the downside to this was that they could be killed and they lost their ability to put a human under compulsion In that novel it sounded like these side effects were permanent However in this novel Flynn s ability to commit violence goes away after not having had blood for a period of time, also he retains the ability to put humans under compulsion even after having drunk blood So obviously this bothered me as it was quite contradictory Additionally when Flynn is in the past and it s mentioned at Drew and Leah s keep there is no reaction whatsoever from Leah I mean the man was part of the crew that held her captive in the future you d think she d have some sort of reaction, and that Drew might have joined Colin in the search for no other reason than to avenge his own wife It gives me the impression that Leah still hasn t told Drew about her past and soul mate or not I can t help but question the stability of their relationship I still don t like the mixing of fairy lore with vampire lore but it had already been done three books ago and it would be pretty much impossible to backtrack on that lore now I did also have some believability issues with this book Colin seems to hate the fairies and he has every right to considering the curse bestowed on him by the Fairy Queen, but when he ends up in the future he doesn t put up much of a fight about going with Pol and becoming a Guardian Additionally other than marrying Fae Descendents and guarding the portals between Wyddecol and our world I still don t know what the Guardians actually do I mean the idea s been glossed over in a bunch of the novels but details or what a Guardian really is would be really nice Also the love story between the characters actually seemed kind of secondary in this novel for the most part, other than having sexual type scenes and being told their soul mates they really didn t spend enough time together for love to have occurred in my personal opinion While the sex scenes are still used sparingly it s almost as if she s relied upon those scenes and the character s dreams to be the love story and sex and love are not the same thing Colin barely spends any time on earth in the future but instead spends most of his time hiding out with Pol in Wyddecol trying to figure out how to get home They dream about each other yes, and with an added new twist that he started receiving physical evidence on his own body of her injuries which was weird, but until they go to the past they really don t spend a lot of time together and they re only in the past a couple days before they start professing their love for each other It s like they re in love because someone told them they were soul mates If my mom told me said guy I just met a few days before was my soul mate I can t see myself deciding to be in love with him because he s hot, great with foreplay and they told me I was supposed to be I d have liked interaction between the characters outside of dreams so that I could see real reasons they fell in love beyond someone told them to and they re really attracted to each other My final complaint is that there was this big build up between Pol and Dallyn about how important Colin was and I never did really figure out the why of that or besides being cursed what made him different from the other male descendents so that kind of left me a little confused as well However despite my complaints listed I really did enjoy this book What s really neat about this book is sort of ties together the worlds we ve met in this series Colin starts out in the past before being whisked to the future by Abby s wish Since she doesn t know how he got there he goes with Mairi and Ramos where he then meets Colin, Cate and Pol Pol takes him to Wydeccol which we ve only seen briefly before in Jesse and Destiny s book In that setting he runs into Dallyn Meanwhile Abby s employer is the Nuadian Flynn and he drinks her blood again a follow up from Jesse and Destiny s novel For protection Abby wishes them into the past to the MacKiernan Keep where we get of our past characters and for the most part these two characters encounter almost everyone in the series though the scenes with those secondary characters are short There s a few plot woven into this novel the conflict between Abby and Flynn, the love story of Colin and Abby and the danger of Colin in the past since he s trying to change history using his knowledge gained in the future With the mix of stories, each of which would be individually strong this book can t help but be interesting Like all novels it has its issues but it was overall an enjoyable page turner As with all her novels the leading characters in the novel are well developed interesting and easy to relate to Mayhue has a knack of bringing the reader inside her leading characters minds and to make you really feel for their plights Her characters are realistic in that they re far from perfect and do experience growth during her novel Since this is a series novel she s recently take to using past novels to serve as most of her secondary character development, however her characters do stand as individuals rather than becoming a blend of names and faces when they reappear in later novels We do get insight into Flynn in this novel then we had in past novels and what s nice about this villain is that in some ways you can t help but feel sorry for him He s made a mistake that he s spending eternity paying for He wants nothing than to go home and live a quiet life His character doesn t really seem to take a bad turn until he accidentally cuts Abby then can t resist the lure of her blood It s as if his addictions are responsible for his villainous actions than his actual character You start to get the idea in this and a couple other novels in the series that maybe not all the Nuadian fae are actually evil, just fairies who like men who ve made bad decisions Not there s no debating that Servans and Adira are downright evil, but even with Adira the insight into her past gained in Jesse and Destiny s novel at least explains the why of the way she is I can t help but hope with the insights we ve gained into some of these bad fairies such as Wynn in Mairi and Ramos s story that some of them might gain forgiveness somehow and be allowed to return home The characters that we don t seem to ever get character growth in are all the Fairies and I wonder if those characters will ever grow Anyway my point is overall the characters in this novel are really interesting and memorable In conclusion, I m starting to wonder if I really should be reviewing series novels because it seems my reviews get worse with each novel However despite that as always Mayhue s Daughter of the Glen Series is not one to be missed Highlander s Curse is no exception to that rule and I d highly recommend it to readers of paranormal and historical romance.

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    so great adventure and lusty love.

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    I liked very much, even the hardheaded Colin MacCalister He reminded me of my son And Abby matched him wit to wit, love it.

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Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8) summary pdf Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8) , summary chapter 2 Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8) , sparknotes Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8) , Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8) 18de0eb When COLIN MACALISTER Is Cursed By The Faerie Queen And Ends Up In The Bed Of A Twenty First Century Woman Who Also Happens To Be The Most Beautiful Creature He S Ever Laid Eyes On He S Torn Between Anger And Lust Colin Is Determined To See Scotland Free Of English Control And Must Return To The Fourteenth Century, Yet He Cannot Forget The Woman Who Haunts His Dreams And Stirs Him With Scorching Desire ABIGAIL PORTER Can T Believe Her Luck After Making A Wish To Find Her Soul Mate, She Wakes Up To Find A Gorgeous Man In Her Bed Can He Really Be A Medieval Highlander Summoned By Her Faerie Magic, However It Seems Crazy, But When Abby Discovers Someone Wants To Enslave Her Because Of Her Faerie Heritage, She Agrees To Flee With Colin To Scotland To Avoid Capture Thwarting Danger At Every Turn, Abby And Colin Surrender To An Irresistible Passion But Is The Magic Of True Love Powerful Enough To Save Them

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Highlanders Curse (Daughters of the Glen, #8)
  • Melissa Mayhue
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781439190326

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Melissa Mayhue lives in Colorado, in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with her family, two insanely spoiled dogs, one domineering cat, a turtle with an attitude, and way too many fish in their aquarium If any one thing is obvious about the books I like best, it s that I love my Happy Ever After endings