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Damned (Crusade, #2) chapter 1 Damned (Crusade, #2) , meaning Damned (Crusade, #2) , genre Damned (Crusade, #2) , book cover Damned (Crusade, #2) , flies Damned (Crusade, #2) , Damned (Crusade, #2) 3fdce3e356e86 There Is A Fine Line Between Love And Sacrifice Antonio Would Do Anything For His Beloved Fighting Partner Jenn He Protects Her, Even Suppresses His Vampire Cravings To Be With Her Together, They Defend Humanity Against The Cursed Ones But Tensions Threaten To Fracture Their Hunting Team And His Loyalty His Love Is Called Into QuestionWith An Even Sinister Power On The Rise, Jenn Must Overcome Her Personal VendettasAntonio And Jenn Need Each Other To Survive, But Evil Lurks At Every Turn With Humanity S Fate Hanging In The Balance, They Must Face Down The Darkness Or Die Trying

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    Did I just marked this book as read because the boy in the cover is kinda hot o_O

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    THE FAERIES VIEWDamned is a captivating sequel to Crusade, I ve waited for this novel to come out and I was not disappointed It s Thrilling, Chilling and Bad to the Bone all while carrying romance and heart break making for a most fascinating read The series continues to get better, which I thought impossible Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigue do a wonderous thing with building a dystopian like world that is ruled by vampires and humans are their sheep It s incredibly believable which is what makes it so scary I can picture this world in my head without much difficulty The Salamanca group continues to battle the vampires and the humans who side with them, the battle scenes are unbelievably realistic and at times I found myself setting the book down so I could absorb exactly what had happened.Damned isn t all about battling vampires many in the group are battling what s in their hearts There is much unrequited love in Damned and with the addition of new characters it gets even so The plot while twisted and convoluted isn t difficult to follow in fact, it s part of the thrill, trying to figure out what will happen next drove me crazy Nancy and Debbie wrote the most amazing plot twists and turns so what I thought I knew turned out to be wrong imagine that There are times when I m rooting for and celebrating with Team Salamanca and there are times that I am feeling desperate and hopeless I cried than once through the book and there is one part that is particularly heart wrenching again, I had to set the book down to actually process what had just happened.The Crusade series is amazing and quite frankly one of the best I ve read I am eagerly looking forward to Passing, the next in the series I recommend starting with the first in the series Crusade before starting Damned and I also would recommend this book to all my Besties and Buds THE FAERIE SAYS READ THIS BOOKThank you Simon and Schuster for the ARC ARE

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    Damned Crusade An Epic Urban Fantasy Series in the MakingIt felt wrong to write a review of Damned since I know both authors so well and I am closely connected to the series So, instead I decided to write a rumination on the Crusade series since there are a few things about the series that have always struck me as significant within the fantasy genre, but haven t really generated much discussion Therefore, since the Damned Book Tour is stopping at Underwords today, I m going to talk about aspects of the Crusade series that I find most compelling but haven t really generated much discussion until now.Damned which released on August 30th is the second book in the Crusade series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigui , which features a group of vampire hunters who have come together to save the world from the insidious vampire horde that has taken over.When I first read Crusade, the series struck me as being a unique story packed full of familiar fantasy elements It is reminiscent of an old school epic fantasy trilogy with its band of misfit characters who have join together from different races, who each have a unique talent to lend to the group, and who are willing to fight for a hopeless cause in order to stop an impossibly powerful force from destroying the world In true epic fantasy style, both Damned and Crusade are told using multiple points of view, and they send the team of hunters out on missions, forcing them to travel vast distances to foreign lands in their quest to conquer the invading vampires However, the series doesn t take place in a mystical world with a rural setting or historical feeling societies that are noticeably absent of modern science Instead we get contemporary characters, modern technology, and familiar cities from our own world as well as a host of supernatural beings These are definitely elements that do not belong in an epic fantasy, but would be right at home within the urban fantasy genre.The result of this mixing and blending of urban and epic fantasy elements is the creation of a hybrid genre Urban Epic Fantasy While there are quite a few urban fantasy series like the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, the Dark Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris all of which I love , they don t have the same epic scope as Crusade in that they are either serialized novels or they take place in primarily one geographic region Other than the Crusade series, there really aren t many urban fantasies that also fit so well within the parameters of an epic fantasy.Even better, Holder and Vigu avoid the trap of writing a paranormal romance that binds two characters, one human and one supernatural, into a romantic relationship that defies reason In Crusade and Damned, Jenn and Antonio are the paranormal romantic couple who are desperately trying to keep their relationship going, but they have known each other for two years They have fought together, dined together, and trained together before beginning their romantic relationship They have a history together As expected, they hit the inevitable vampire human bumps in the road that constantly require them to fight to stay together, which is much realistic than I had expected Moreover, you get the very real sense that there is no guarantee that their love will overcome all The dangers they face emotionally are as real as the dangers they face physically in battle.There s really nothing out there that I can compare to the Crusade series other than itself It feels a bit like Joss Whedon s Buffy with a dash of Anne Rice s eye for history and elegance, a pinch of George R.R Martin s epic storytelling style, and a smattering of Bram Stoker s and Stephen King s big bad vampires mixed in with the relentlessness of the Terminator, the magic of Charmed, and hormones from Sex in the City If this series were a film, it would be the perfect date movie because you get such a great mixture of exciting elements that gives everyone something to enjoy Action Romance Fantasy Reality Holder and Vigu tease all of these threads into the story, giving it a wonderfully dynamic scope without sacrificing the narrative with cheap magic tricks and sex to keep readers interested.The characters all feel like real people with pasts, desires, and needs that compel them to make choices that may not always be wise, but are always understandable The use of multiple points of view may be a little confusing at first, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the epic fantasy genre However, by telling this story through multiple points of view, Holder and Vigu allow readers to get to know each character from the inside out as you see them operate from their own perspective as well as through the perspectives of others For example, you see how painfully scared Jenn is and how questionable her choices are when viewed through Jamie s eyes, but you also understand why she won t just surrender to her circumstances when the story is being told from her perspective As with most epic fantasy series, you get a very three dimensional story that takes you behind the scenes and also places you on the front lines of the action from the perspective of the humans as well as the vampires.I highly recommend both Damned and Crusade to anyone guys or girls who loves reading epic fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, or paranormal romance Just be warned that you re going to get real relationships, friendships, and fights flaws and all You re going to get adventure on a grand scale with a plot that reads like World War III Romance, drama, and mystery the Crusade series is wonderful fun and embraces its nature at an urban epic fantasy.From start to finish both Crusade and Damned will have you wondering what happens next For me, the Crusade series combines everything that I love best into one exciting series that I don t want to put down I hope to see series like this.

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    Loved this book There is such conflict and overwhelming odds against them Yet they struggle on regardless It is such a great view into the strength within each of us The ending is really tragic Holding with the trend of the book things are dire and show no real possibility of change Still, I loved every page.I wasn t super happy with what happened to Antonio I just don t like seeing anyone in a position where their free will is taken away Without that who are you really At first when it happened it seemed temporary something like a spell but as the book progresses it seems less likely I think the authors are trying to point out that each of us has the ability to be bad or good We are what we choose to be with each passing moment Yet under a certain set of circumstances would we chose differently Would we chose so differently as to become almost the opposite I have mixed feelings on where they are headed with Antonio At this point I think I will keep the doubts at bay and hope for the best Should you whole life be blighted by a few mistakes or should your current actions hold sway I guess we will find out next year.

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    Nobody is safe Everybody is hiding something Nothing will ever be the same.This book broke my heart, built it back up, and then broke it all over again.There s my description of Damned, by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie Before I say anything else, let me tell you how amazing these two authors are when they work in tandem They re freaking brilliant I think each of them are pretty good on their own, but they only reach this level of perfection together and, in my oppinion, only in the Crusade series I didn t even like Wicked, but these books are some of my favorites of all time, for the epic storytelling.With epic storytelling that rivals George R.R Martin s Game of Thrones, and emotional journeys up to par with the best contemporaries, and enough rules placed on the Fantasy to make it almost sound like Science Fiction which I love with a passion , I thought Damned was pretty much the perfect book Of course, I thought the same about Crusade, but right now that s not the point.Plot Similarly to it s predecessor, Damned didn t have just one plot I mean, it did but it didn t, if that makes any sense There s the part in Russia what the cover displays , then there s the part in Las Vegas, then the part in Montana, and then there s the part back in Salamanca, Spain Each location comes with it s own goals and challanges, it s own exposition, rising action, and mini climax until the actual, real live climax back in Salamanca , and almost reads like it s own story Which was one of the reasons I couldn t stop reading I could tell myself Oh, just another two or three pages to the next section and by section I mean those headings that say the date, location, and who s there, and they usually switch P.O.V s and then when I got there, I d say the same thing again Oh, come on, Andie, there s only a few pages to the next section Needless to say, I was up all night reading Who knows how I did on today s French quiz This Next Part May Contain Spoilers Read At Your Own Risk Characters Once again, I m going to have to break this down, because despite what the cover and description tell you, there are actually at least six main characters, and really like nine Jenn is once again a great, developing character Her world has been turned upside down in this book Her sister has been turned into a Cursed One The man she loves may be hiding his true nature and that s before he gets kidnapped and brainwashed , and she s been promoted to head of her team, but isn t sure she knows what she s doing But Jenn soldiers on, because that s what she does That s what her grandfather, Papa Che, would have wanted her to do That s what Antonio would want if he were in his right mind So Jenn continues, with a little help from somebody new I ll talk about him in a minute.Antonio in Crusade was one of my favorite Catholic fictional characters of all time I m a Catholic, and usually it s portrayed as a bad thing in literature With the Spanish Inquisition, and the original Crusades, it s hard to blame anyone for that but the Church has reformed at lot since either of those horrors Antonio wasadmirable Holder and Viguie portrayed the Catholic faith really, really well through both Antonio and Father Juan It was fantastic Despite this, I don t want Antonio to become a priest He s a Cursed One, so he can t anyway, and I think he belongs with Jenn He can be faithful and not be pastor, he just needs to figure that out In Damned, a lot of horrible things happen to Antonio aforementioned kidnapping and brainwashing included Antonio is led to question, in his few moments of lucidity, everything he ever thought was real He makes quite the journey in this book, and I can only hope he ll be firmly back on Team Salamanca s side by the final novelbut you never know The point is that not even our good vampire is good.Skye is probably the character who s narration I like the most, although I ll never understand her crush on Jamie She needs to get over it, because there s not a chance in hell he s ever going to like her back, and they re not good for each other anyway Personally, I ship her and Holgar than I ve rooted for any couple in a long time That scene with the earphones in the car if you ve read it, you know what I m talking about Is that not the most adorable thing you ever saw Well, I thought so Holgar is undeniably a good guy In fact, he s the only member of the team who is I think he and Skye belong together If she ends up with Jamie, I m going to scream, because it wouldn t make any sense Skye and Holgar, however well, her getting over Estefan for good, and getting over her futile crush on Jamie would be great character development, in my oppinion But, you know, these are just the ramblings of a hopeless romantic teenage girl You can ignore me if you like Oh, and then Skye s fate in this bookwell.umlet s just say her psychotic ex is back with a vengeance, a hankerchief soaked in a chemical we ve all seen on cop shows, and a truckload of loose ends Cliffhanger beware.Holgar is wonderful, yet again He s the good guy He s got secrets, just like everybody else, but he fights against everything he is to do the right thing literally, in the climax Oh, you ll see He clearly has feelings for Skye earphones scene, scene in the forest sleeping in the snow, when he saves her from the bomb and Estefan s mind control mirror hallucination , and I can only hope both he and Skye come to that realization in the last book Because I love them together I think they re adorable They would also be good contrast to the darker, complicated Jenn Antonio situation.Jamie is a character I love to hate Seriously, I hate his guts most of the time, but I really like hating him He must be a blast to write, because he doesn t give a damn about anyone except for Eriko , and anything except for Ireland He wants pretty much everybody except Eriko dead If it weren t for the fact he s fighting for the right side, Jamie would make a great villian because he has little to no morals The only thing he s ever acted moral about was rescuing children usually ones who remind him of his dead sister and even that backfires on him in Damned Jamie s morals have been compromised, a long time ago Andthey re about to get so much worse The climax and falling action of this book include the death of the woman he loves crapshould I not have said that I did warn about spoilers , and a fistfight almost leading to his death with the leader of his team Let s just say that Jenn is tougher than she looks.Eriko, oh Eriko I ll try not to give anything away Our former Japanese pop star, now Hunter, is having a harder time than most The elixer she took at graduation has some unforeseen side effects mostly because every Hunter before her has died before these side effects even showed up , and she feels like it s ripping her apart from the inside Jamie knows, although she doesn t tell him He loves her, after all, and she thinks that in time she might learn to love him back they really would ve been the perfect couplefor them Even though she s no longer the leader, she can still keep control of Jamie And her non leader position on the team She loves it Everyone s lives are no longer in her hands alone That s Jenn s problem now The poor American girl is just going to have to figure it out, because Eri doesn t want her job back, under any circumstances In this book, we get a recap of why Eriko joined the Salamancans, as well as a present day return of her former Pop Star persona someone the team is shocked to see from Eriko.Father Juan is as mysterious as ever, and and clues are dropped that he may be St John of The Cross after all lines that go something like God won t let you die until you ve completed your work and when the team found out what he was drop further clues Personally, I love the mystery surrounding him I love how he s portrayed and that s not just because I m glad to see a Catholic good guy , and I think the enigma that is Father Juan is fantastic.There are two well, kind of three by the end new characters added to the Salamancan Team in Damned, the first of which is Noah Geller Noah intrigues me greatly He s a young widower from Israel in his mid twenties, and he s using his ex military skills to fight Cursed Ones The Salamancans meet him, and his partner Taamir, in Russia and they pretty much join the team Noah also fascinates me because he s kind of a love interest for Jenn, and he s most definitely a good guy I m pretty positive that Jenn will end up with Antonio at the end of the series, but I ship Jenn Noah anyway, right along with Jenn Antonio This is one of the few cases where I wouldn t be disappointed with either result I do hope they don t kill Noah off, but that s definitely another possibility I really like him, though And he s quitting smoking, so that s another plus.Taamir is Noah s friend and partner, and a great example of the major theme in these books Religious tolerance brought by banding together against a common foe Noah is Jewish Taamir is Muslim They ve put their differences aside in order to fight for the greater good to save the world from Cursed Ones They consider themselves brothers, because the differences between their peoples doesn t matter any It s a lesson Team Salamanca needs to learn as well, but is taking time handling Taamir is a much less developed character than Noah, but he s interesting all the same His fatewell, you ll just have to read.Now, I may as well go through all the villains in one fell swoop Aurora is scary as hell, as always, and her motives are both sociopathic and understandable at the same time Don t ask me how Sergio is also frightening, but no where near the evil that Aurora is Estefan is perhaps, in my opinion, the most interesting villain He s still convinced he s in love with Skye although he s clearly just obsessed with her, and probably has confused obsession with love for as long as he s known her Then there s Holgar s former pack, who have become evil There s Solomon, the vampire leader There s Jenn s father, who may or may not have redeemed himself through Morse Code There s Dantalion, who may or may not have survived And last but certainly not leastthere s Antonio Who may or may not be able to fight back what he s become End Of Spoiler Zone Writing Excellent Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie are amazing writers, together and apart Personally, I m a bigger fan of Viguie I ve loved all of her books that I ve read , but I really like both of them together Crusade, and Damned are really incredible books I m sure the third one will be just as goodif I can survive waiting a year for it.Setting They constantly change setting in this book, but every one is well developed They also spend some time in different parts of the United States, which is interesting to see through the P.O.V of Europeans.Themes The major theme of these novels is that people can join together in face of a common enemy, despite their differences It s that all walks of life, and all kinds of religions, can come together for the common good It s about tolerance for the purpose of saving everyone involved It s about how our differing religious and cultural beliefs don t matter in the face of something we must defeat together These themes are the other reason, besides the characters, that I so adore these books.Cover Don t let it fool you This is not a fluffy, vampire romance novel The vampires are evil The good vampire may be evil The romance comes second fiddle to the epic fantasy story line, and the individual character development In fact, in this book, the romance is one sided Jenn loving Antonio, but not really knowing who he is, and sometimes Antonio loving Jenn, but he doesn t know himself well enough to trust himself So, the romance bit is out, but the epic story is amazing The best part about the cover is the background It s Russia, and quite a large chunk of the book takes place in Russia in the snow I like how that s represented on the cover Along with the fact that Antonio doesn t get cold.Also, the cover model is really hot That s always a plus.Overall Another wonderful book It s brilliant, funny, heartbreaking, inspiring, heart wrenching, tragic, wonderful, adventurous, epic, and everything else it is that you will just have to find out if you haven t read it yet I do have one warning though Don t Start With Damned READ CRUSADE FIRST You don t want to miss the beginning of this epic story And it s a continuous story, so you re not going to want to start in the middle.If you ve already read Crusade, then you NEED to read Damned It s amazing, and you won t be disappointed.Now, it s time for me to get some sleep, considering I was up all last night reading No regrets Reading is important than sleeping.

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    Review will be posted on my blog, Mindful Musings, on 9 7 11.In a Sentence Damned was an extremely fast paced, suspenseful sequel, and I ended up enjoying it than its predecessor, Crusade My Thoughts As I mentioned in my review of Crusade last year, I felt that Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie did a wonderful job of building the world they created for the Crusade books After finishing Damned, I stand by that statement Crusade and Damned take place in a dystopian esque world in which vampires are quickly becoming the dominant race on the planet And these vampires aren t the brooding, self loathing, searching for redemption sort with one exception, of course They re EVIL They view humans as lesser beings and have no trouble preying upon their weaknesses However, while bringing this world to life certainly required some creativity, it s not what caught my attention What I found to be most impressive about the world of Damned was how the authors managed to include detailed examples of a variety of characters, cultures, locations, and weave these in seamlessly with that dystopian world, as well as including a series of flashbacks that would have definitely required even research Kudos to both Holder and Viguie for all of the time and effort that went into developing this series I m sure it had to be a lot Following up my comments on the world building and research that went into Damned, I also have to say that I loved how spirituality played a part in this book Now before you get too excited or roll your eyes, let me explain what exactly this spirituality entails With all of the nationalities and cultures represented in the characters of Damned, it s only natural to have to include differing philosophical or religious, if you prefer beliefs There were Catholics, atheists, Muslims, Jews, Wiccans, and everything in between Most importantly, the main characters for the most part respected and appreciated their differences in beliefs Considering all of the religious hypocrisy and close mindedness that is present in our own world today, it was refreshing to see this topic addressed, though subtly, in Damned The theme of perseverance in times of hardship is one that is common in literature, but it s also one that I never get tired of reading about Many of the main characters in Damned, especially Antonio and Jenn, have to deal with extreme emotional and physical problems, yet they keep going and fighting for what they believe in, even when there s little to no hope Holder and Viguie did a good job of capturing the emotions that are associated with these struggles In fact, there were several beautifully written passages that I marked while reading Damned Here s one of them It s hard to let go It s the most difficult lesson to learn, regardless of whether or not you re a hunter We spend our whole lives seeking and building connections families, friends, mentors, lovers and then, in a moment, they can be taken from us These relationships can end along with a human life, or these relationships can fall apart, until they are as dead to you as if that person were in their grave, though they still walk.These are the hardest deaths in so many ways, the deaths of a thousand tiny insults or omissions You wake up one day and realize that the person you counted on most just isn t there for you Worse yet, you might not even care This is the true horror Physical death is easy to understand, and no one blames you when you mourn Intangible death is so inexplicable, that when you realize the loss it seems like the time for crying has passed and you must hide your pain from everyone Even yourself p 330 331, ARC See what I mean It was passages like this that allowed me to identify with some of the characters in Damned However, with that being said, there were some characters in the book that I thought could have used some development, in particular, Noah a fellow hunter who is introduced as a potential love interest for one of the main characters, Jenn Maybe it s just because he didn t get enough page time, or maybe it s because the authors are intending to further develop his character in later books, but I found him to be flat and uninteresting And when a character in a possible love triangle is flat and uninteresting, it s hard to get involved with the romance in the story Because Damned obviously isn t the last book in the series, I m hoping that this problem will be remedied in future books.Overall, I felt that I enjoyed Damned than Crusade primarily because it was the second book in the series What I mean by this is that a first book in a series tends to take up a lot of page time with introductions to characters, to plot points, etc While this is necessary at times, it can often make a book drag With most of the back story and introductions already made, I found Damned to be a much faster and entertaining read, and when a book is topping out at 500 pages, that s an important aspect to keep in mind Damned didn t completely blow me out of the water, but I found it to be a creative and fun and overall, a worthwhile read.

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    This review was originally published at Vampire Book Club.After reading Crusade, I was curious if we were going to get to know Skye better She s the witch who fights alongside the hunters the only witch willing to step across that line and officially align herself with the team who seeks out to destroy the Cursed Ones She still keeps to the rule of doing no harm, as best she can If humans are involved, then Skye is out But we got a hint to a dark past for her in the first novel, and Damned delivers on revelations Not only will readers find out who Skye is running from and why she can t run forever, as past and present collide but also secrets of Holgar, Jamie, Eriko, Antonio and even Father Juan.Jenn and Antonio are still the story s main focus, and their love story gets complicated in Damned Really But in Damned, the door is opened for insight into everyone else The tale isn t Jenn s alone, and each of the hunters are pivotal In time, we ll see how much so.One doesn t become a hunter, doesn t leave their family behind to take on a life of death and fear, without a tale of woe The friction within the team gains clarity as we discover the root to Jamie s fervent need to kill all vampires and werewolves The emotional ties pulling the hunters closer and those barriers they refuse to cross begin to chafe The unrequited love is bubbling over With so much pain in their pasts, one can t help but want to see these characters find solace in a bit of love There are bright moments, but nothing is easy or direct while fighting a vampire war.And in Damned the stakes have been raised In addition to dealing with Aurora and her obsession with Antonio the only vampire with a soul, the one who is a hunter , other vampire leaders are an issue One has spent years trying to develop a hybrid, the ultimate vampire He s created variations, most merging human, vampire and werewolf DNA Really, his main goal is to synthesize a way for vampires to walk in the sun And his work is being shared.With the humans losing the war with the vampires, the hunters have agreed to work with resistance fighters One never knows if those they re to work with are really on their side Trust is no longer freely given, and governments have appeased the Cursed Ones and blatantly ignore the cruelty and killings within their boundaries.Fall into Urban Fantasy with VBC and MBWDamned conjures great plot twists, but takes a bit to get going If you ve completely forgotten the key points of the first novel, the opening of the book hammers it in However, once you re past the rehash, things pick up and we re treated to some great flashbacks, huge emotional turns and lots of vampires you d like to stake I always enjoy Nancy Holder s writing as her descriptions are simultaneously visceral and eloquent, and she and Debbie Vigui continue to impress me with their storytelling Damned is no exception.Also, you ll get to learn a few foreign words in this one The book is good about explaining what they are, but by the time you finish Damned, you ll know how to say cool in Russian Just in case.

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    This review was first posted on review contains spoilers for Crusade Okay, so you may or may not remember that, at the end of the last book, everything went all to hell Jenn s dad betrayed her to the vampires in order to save her sister, Heather and the rest of the family Unfortunately for him, the plan totally backfired duh and Heather was, instead, captured and, ultimately, converted Whoops Heather s conversion is a complicated issue on so very many levels For one thing, it brings up the only question Why is Antonio different Why was he able to recover his human modes and morals It s a sticky issue, especially since Antonio firmly believes that his faith is responsible and Jennwell, Jenn doesn t really buy into religion Which begs the question does it really matter whether Jenn buys into it or not Shouldn t the issue be whether Heather is at all religious But, since Heather spends most of the novel in vampiric blood frenzy, I guess they can t really ask her More to the point, though, is that, with the addition of Heather to the party, the Salamanca team of vampire hunters is now harboring two of the very creatures they ve been training to kill Naturally this causes conflict Jamie, in particular, is especially pissed Boy, I didn t see that one coming I m not sure exactly why the authors felt they needed to create yet conflict amongst a group that was already tenuously assembledbut they did Just in time for them to add two members one of whom is a potential love interest for Jenn This book felt largely repetitious to me I m kind of tired of Jenn s self confidence issues I thought they were supposed to be resolved in the first book Why are we dealing with this again I mean, I don t expect Jenn to miraculously become a fantastic leader, but the impression I got at the end of Crusade was that she had embraced her leadership role I will be gravely disappointed though not terribly surprised if Jenn fights the exact same internal battle in each book of the series While I admit to some curiosity about what makes Antonio different, I don t find him to be compelling in either of his guises good vamp or evil He s so obnoxiously good that I find myself thinking that he deserves wishy washy Jenn Unfortunately, Jenn and Antonio aren t this series only problems It hasn t endeared itself to me on behalf of any of the characters I wasn t stirred by the action and I didn t grieve over the death at the end of the book The series began with a large cast of characters, and what do the authors do but add That pretty much killed it for me I don t think I ll be continuing with this series.

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    Jenn s got a lot on her mind she s just been made the Hunter, and her sister s been turned by the vamps Then there s Antonio, who d do anything for her, even if it means suppressing his vampire nature Together with their team, they continue the fight against the Cursed Ones, but it seems the enemy is always one step ahead Is there a traitor in their midst This is the second book in the Crusade series, and as such, it has a lot action than the first book This time it s all about internal struggles with love, with faith, with self doubt It s also an origin story of sorts We see each team member through flashbacks and discover the personal vendetta that led them to the team The team itself is crumbling This is mirrored in a larger issue the Vatican has decided to close the Academies, and it s time to choose give up or continue to fight alone It s strong imagery if the walls fall, do the ideals fall with them Antonio takes of a central role here He trying to be everything and everyone to Jenn, and failing He s haunted by his personal demons, and the belief that by saving Jenn s sister, he can also save himself This is an excellent read The characters have depth, and their underlying issues are familiar to us all You know these people, you go to school with them, you work beside them It s like watching a car crash you can see what s going to happen, and there s nothing you can do to stop it.

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    I read about 3 4 of the book from Simon Schuster s Galley Grab, but then it expired on me before I finished the book I then purchased the book in the middle of the night from an eBook store One of the things that I love about eReaders You can have instant access to books right when you need it.The word that comes to mind when I think about this story is strife This book is full of strife It s set during a war The vampires are taking over the world Most humans hide their head and pretend that life is normal, while a select few do something about it.This book follows the Salmanca team They are trained at a Catholic campus in Spain The team is loaded with strife There is personal, family, cultural, supernatural, and emotional strife The team can t get it together emotionally The thing that they have in common is their desire to rid the world of the vampires I do like that they were able to come up with a society that a Jew and a Muslim were able to work together and put aside their differences to save the human race It was wonderful that the author s included the personal struggles that the characters are going through They showed us a glimpse of their past and what brought them together to hunt vampires.I really enjoyed this book and had to purchase it in the middle of the night My biggest regret is that I have to wait a year until the third book.