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    Apparently I have a _need to rate review shelf from like 8 months ago that, like many of these books, I forgot existed So we re going to blast through them Mad Max style, in no way giving them the attention I am sure they deserve.So this one seems special I actually seem to have finished all three volumes of this one So either they are pretty dang good, or they are light on words and I figured why not read them all in a sitting These are all short story collections Each volume tells six stories about a ghost detective He writes some stuff on a bullet, and says some words, and shoots ghosts with a gun that only hurts ghosts I guess I don t recall it making much sense at the time either Thankfully, and unlike any other books on this shelf, I left myself notes Go me There are some notes on each story reminding me what the plots are, but the opening scribble is Good Graphic novels are expensive, so not sure I d pay those prices Grab if your library has it So there you go Hopefully me from last summer wasn t an idiot 3.5 expensive for what it is, but still fun stars.

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    Overall Rating B Synopsis Created by the artist from Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Housui Yamazaki, the series follows private detective Reiji Akiba, who specializes in the paranormal Volume 1 opens with a nude model shoot, which immediately tells you why the books are wrapped in plastic The shoot is in a river, and according to the location scout, it was beautiful Apparently, it flooded, and everything from trash to a skeleton got washed into the area The photos reveal even creepiness Aside from the nude woman, there is also a headless girl in the photo This is when we re introduced to the eccentric a nice way of saying very weird Akiba He believes that the dead try to communicate with us every day, and that if we read their mail , then we can help put them to rest Sometimes, the dead aren t cooperative, so he also has special bullets with prayers on them that help put the unruly spirits to rest as well.I like Mail, but I hope it picks up steam There are a lot of parallels to Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, which I love, but it doesn t quite capture the dark humor It s like Trigun meets horror, which could be fantastic if the series builds up steam.

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    If you want to have a batch of classy Japanese horror stories presented in the form of manga then look no further And that s the main up and down for this piece As if you are into whole horror story thing and you want something new not the place to look for originality as you might know all of the tales of death and grudge, as this manga recycles all the good and tried things that we have seen in other media like anime or movies But if you are into it, and want of the same good old stuff then this one is definitely an invitation you can t refuse You asked for it, and you got it grudgy ghosts of mutilating rapists, dead and restless children in trunk, long haired ghosts you get the picture And the main character is your classy I see dead people type, but with a resolve and has his sleeve of secrets he is not intending to share in the first volume Which is nice and hopefully, one day I ll buy rest of the batch to know how the story ends and to have my share of classy Japanese horror tales.Didn t love, didn t hate simply liked it.

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    Really enjoyed this Reminds me of Doctor Who, in the style of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Onto volume 2

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    Fun short story collection, but too episodic for me to be drawn in.

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    After reading this issue I immediately bought the rest of the series This manga scared the SHIT out of me It s kinda touching and super creepy, and only occasionally gory I m not sure why Japan s weird fetish with molestation makes an appearance in every manga ever, but it only features in one story in the whole series I could go without that, but the rest of the stories are SOLID a ghost that plays hide and seek, a girl who crawls around searching for her LEGS, OMG SO SCARY And so good.

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    Akiba est un d tective priv un peu particulier puisqu il poss de galement une certaine sensibilit aux esprits, qu il exorcise en leur tirant dessus avec une balle particuli re et en pronon ant la formule consacr e.Un bon d but de s rie, avec un c t enqu te light on ne tombe pas dans la surench re de clich s et de trucs tordus des s ries de d tectives avec des explications complexes et ultra longues et un dessin soign.

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    This horror manga series follows private detective Reiji Akiba, who specializes in the paranormal cases, through his investigation of ghosts who are endangering the lives of the living There are five stories in each volume and each is unique and creepy in it s own way I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading .

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    Less interesting than the synopsis sounds, this volume is a series of short stories, with the connecting plot threads just starting to emerge in the final tale The art is effectively creepy in spots, and I suspect subsequent volumes will be interesting.

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