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    For the past few years I have peppered my reading with rereads from my youth It has been even rewarding than I anticipated So far, my rereads have all been books I enjoyed when I first read them But this time I decided to reread a book I did not enjoy at all Why would I do such a silly thing with my limited reading time Well, let s say it was an experiment The only things I remembered about Trouble with Lichen, besides the general premise and a few random details, were that I didn t like it, didn t understand it, and couldn t wait for it to be over It was mainly the fact that I didn t fully understand it that made me curious to reread it As a child, I was an above average reader, but naturally my reading skills continued to develop through adulthood as well, so the way I read now is obviously superior to the way I read decades ago I wanted to see if I would like the book now that I could fully understand it.As it turns out, I am in agreement with my younger self about how tedious this novel is If this had not been an experiment, I would have abandoned it after the first chapter or two But I wanted to carry out the experiment, so I persevered Once my younger self s taste was vindicated, I focused on putting my finger on why it was so boring to me both then and now I know one of the factors in my earlier dislike of the novel was that I was expecting something quite different from what I got That of course is not a factor in my current dislike I have learned not to evaluate a book based on what I thought it would be rather than what it actually is This is a lesson I try to impart to my students and anyone else who wanders past my soapbox while I m pontificating If I order minestrone for dessert because I think it sounds like the name of a pastry, I m going to be disappointed But I shouldn t pronounce it a bad dessert It s not the soup s fault that I was expecting pastry It might be a perfectly delicious soup that I would have enjoyed as an appetizer had I known what it was And so it is with books My younger self s lack of understanding was likely due to an inability to let go of my expectations But even if I had let go of those expectations, there was still the other factor in my dislike the novel itself Reading it with an open mind this time, I felt that the writing style was painfully didactic After an hour and a half, and a good luncheon, Francis, quite restored, led them back to his study to continue his disquisition 57 At least the characters being subjected to this disquisition got a good luncheon I got nothing I think I at least deserve some avocado toast and maybe a cup of minestrone for having put up with this book As much as this novel was a chore to finish, I will give Wyndham credit for two things I do like the premise of the story I think it was poorly executed, but I can see what drew me to the book in the first place I also appreciate his feminist message, although it was heavy handed and downright preachy at times.And what of my experiment Unfortunately, rereading this did not help me connect with my younger self the way some of my other rereads did I thought that perhaps even if I disliked the book the second time around, the experience of rereading it would stir up something meaningful like a memory or an insight, even a vague one But it didn t really do anything Nevertheless, no experiment is ever really a failure because even without producing the desired results, something is learned and what I learned from this reread is that even though I have grown up and my reading skills have grown with me, I m still that same girl who was fascinated by the idea of a longevity drug and the philosophical implications of such a discovery.

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    Trouble with Lichen didn t strike me as quite as readable as Wyndham s other books, but the prominence of female characters concerns was a welcome surprise The plot is a bit different to Wyndham s other books, too You might be excused, knowing Wyndham s other books, for thinking that this is a book about lichen taking over the world, but this isn t one of his post apocalyptic efforts.If you ve enjoyed Wyndham s other stuff, this is a bit different, but equally enjoyable, I think The science isn t too stunningly out of date or anything like that Wyndham s writing is perhaps a little stilted here than I remember it being in other books, but I enjoyed his hold on characters and relationships .

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    3.5I m fast becoming a fan of Wyndham s works This is a lot thought provoking than Day of the Triffids, though I will confess to enjoying it far less Though it comes across a little preachy at times, Trouble With Lichens is nonetheless interesting, funny at times , relevant and thought provoking, and I can honestly confess that I did not see that end coming.

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    This book was written by the guy who wrote Day of the Triffids, and we should all know what I think of that book by now it s awesome to the power eleventy billion I was expecting something along similar lines an out of control plant species runs amok, humanity is threatened, and we are forced to face the moral questions that come along with fighting for survival in an increasingly cruel world.That s not what Trouble With Lichen is about at all, though I did keep imagining this silent creep of green mossy evil, slowly enveloping humans like a oozy blob, because it s a funny mental picture.One of my major complaints regarding classic era science fiction is the dearth of female characters with responsibilities that go beyond making tea I was a bit concerned when one of the first characters introduced was a woman named Diana Brackley, who was described as beautiful and well dressed Bad sign However, it was soon conveyed that Diana was weird Extremely intelligent, Diana receives a scholarship to Cambridge and becomes an extremely gifted biochemist While working at a research facility, she discovers a plant with the power to slow cell growth by a factor of three, effectively cutting the aging process by a factor of three With no side effects Wyndham is great at exploring the moral and social fallout of great change Most of this book is a dialog between Diana and the owner of the research facility, Francis Saxover, who also independently discovered the life extending properties of the lichen I really enjoyed reading Diana Brackley and loved that she was always about four steps ahead of everyone else in the book The other characters were a little one dimensional, but that s what happens when a story revolves around the actions of one particular person Also I m pretty sure she never made tea.This book isn t as good as Day of the Triffids, but nothing is I liked it than The Chrysalids, and think it s a great example of what John Wyndham s work I m going to pass this along to a few people I think would enjoy it.This was a bookstravaganza book where only one person voted on the books Cathey suggested I read this with a glass of Wyndham Estates Bin 999 and I think that s a great idea Wine books win

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    Finished this one a little while ago and I enjoyed the questions it asked and the ramifications explored in a world where people really could live forever if they were lucky I ve enjoyed all the books by Wyndham I ve read and I recommend him for a cosy sci fi story 3.5 s

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    A book ahead of its time Very strong female character with Diana A biochemist who discovers the elixir of life A lichen which extends one s life by a few hundred years The book is a satire and funny in places especially the newspapers and their fake news The premise of the plot is novel but lacks a bit of punch in the delivery However, it is thought provoking and I think close to the mark of what might happen if anyone discovered a drug to extend life Of course the lichen is rare so the race is to find an alternative.

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    I read several Wyndham novels when I was 12 or 13 this was one of them My recollection of those novels was that they were enjoyable but tended to have poor endings, as if Wyndham had said what he wanted, got bored and just stopped The exception was The Day of the Triffids which had a satisfactory ending So how would I respond to re reading Trouble with Lichen First I found it a good deal sophisticated than memory had led me to believe The book is a feminist tract, following the career of a strong, intelligent, visionary biochemist who uses the discovery of a lichen with anti aging properties to start a revolution in the prospects for women not seen since the movement for universal suffrage.Second I found it technically distinctive The narrative is fast paced and driven largely by dialogue and fabricated quotations from newspapers and BBC broadcasts Characters often un named are left to discuss the evolving events as representatives of an entire social class or profession or sex, reminding me of the general passages in The Grapes of Wrath such as the salesman who can t get enough jalopies to shift on to migrating Oakies Telephone conversations between characters replace descriptions of action That said, Wyndham does describe some of the most dramatic action directly.Thirdly, the ending, though abrupt, was fairly satisfactory, after all Many SF writers would be interested in describing the social consequences of a drug that can extend the expectation of life tremndously but that is not Wyndham is after he wants to suggest that women are not merely ornaments or baby factories and the beginning of a social revolution gives him plenty of space to do so He did indeed say what he wanted, then stop, but the resolution is fitting and pleasing.

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    When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it would be about how lichen would somehow become a danger to mankind, pose a threat that might wipe us all out But it s not like that at all Rather lichen offers mankind the solution to one of it s oldest problems, but the two people who discover it fear the social ramifications of it getting out.I m not even going to talk about the nature of the benefits this lichen offers to mankind because it s not revealed until about 25% of the way through the book Though if you happen to glance at the back cover, you ll learn about it right away But I m doing my review for people who like to leave as much as a surprise as possible and don t read the backs of books a very hazardous practice indeed.This is not a post apocalyptic story, nor is it even apocalyptic, although it explores the trials and tribulations, moral dilemmas and philosophical discourses of the two main protagonists who semi independently discover a rare strain of lichen that has the most unusual properties Both realise that the effects on society could be earth shattering but both envisage different problems First they wrestle with keeping the secret and when that proves no longer possible, they try to manage what happens It is certainly an interesting premise and quite well written in Wyndham s usual English, middle class way But I wonder whether this would have been best condensed to a short story At only around 200 pages it could hardly be described as long but it still felt drawn out at times Not the best of his books I ve read but still worth reading.

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    This John Wyndham book, did not really contain anything that made me feel awesome or even great or wonderful, for that matter , and as a result after loving his books like The Day of the Triffids, The Chrysalids and The Midwich Cuckoos, having read through the years, this one was very much near to boring, and even skippable I should say, much like how Chocky was just prior to this about four years ago In fact Chocky was slightly better than this However, still, the idea of not ageing, being the main theme of the book, is put through well enough with its socio political implications But could have been crept in Barely a paragraph was observed with religious thoughts, and some of it could have become interesting Eventually I ended up thinking it was an alright of a read, and was happy that it was only 200 pages long

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