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    1st serial, by blake crouch jack kilborn.heh bout some serial killers some nasty business in this story, the means of onesomething you may not have read elsewhere i believe it the method has reached a national audience they get theirs2nd the crate, stephen king.a crate is found by the janitor, a crate from june 19, 1843, if i remember rightly and inside heh this story kinda goes along w at least one, or , of the 4 stories in full dark no stars, the theme ofmisguided revenge revenge, period squat and mute.3rd the last beautiful day, brian james freemanso this guy whose wife delivered had to deliver a dead baby visits the hospital to take photos of the dead babies of other people short piece.4th cobwebs, kealan patrick burkecreepy story about old folk homeand you can t trust what you read early onnice, hey eye narrator.5th the old ways, norman prentisssince i m a carpenter, i liked this oneold folks home, yes, but the story takes place across the street, old house, new couple, woman takes on repairs, hubby at workand things happenthe old from the home get involved.6th waiting for darkness, brian keenea one page storyshort sweet or maybe not sweet7th like lick em sticks, like tina fey, glen hirshbergweird storypart of that coming from the tellingor like the sailor in chekhov s story w his eye to the hole in the wall, not seeing all or hearing all, but enough there s other stories like this, the techniquecharacter says a piece and the other knows what s what, but you need to keep reading to catch onlike tina fey8th ghost writer in my eye, wayne allen salleereminds me of umney s last case by stephen kingthis, where the writer is involved, somehowjust exactly how, isn t clear9th palisado, alan peter ryansingle character, his horse in a barn, he is in a cabin, winter storm this story is a hoot has a kind of fantasy element, never explained, this mystery that develops and departsi enjoyed this one10th stillness, richard thomasthis one seems like a post end of the world as we know it storyshort toothese stories play off each other 11th in the raw, brian hodgeex prison works at a rendering plantplaying off the last seems likethis one.you read it and have to askwell, was that okay, then 12th i found a little hole, nate southardkid finds a hole in the yard w qqc in it.13th fallow, scott nicholsonend of the world storydontcha hate thatdefining qqc w a word but it gets a pt across good end of world story.14th mole, jay bonansingaa holy story this one is creepy something about guys in collars, demons, big and small, etc.15th the shoes, melanie temyes.heh heh butit does leave me wondering16th bits pieces, lisa tuttlewhat the title saysbits and piecesreminded of donald barthelme w this one my father, concerned about his liver..17th trouble follows, david b silvaneatonice ideathe idea seems like it must have been done before, but for the life of me, i don t recall18th keeping it in the family, robert morrishafter war story lot of unexplained phenomena 19th it is the tale, bev vincenttelling tales.remember that if you dowho are you 20th a special place the heart of a dark matter, peter straubread this one in its stand alone piece.great story.marveloussimply marvelousi enjoyed all the various takes on situations.

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    Pretty good anthology for Halloween, and several stories gave me the willies I started with mini reviews for each of the stories, but then got lazy Aside from the ones below, I liked Palisado , Ghost Writer in My Eye , I Found a Little Hole , and Mole A couple of stories got a little squicky, but I suppose that is to be expected in the horror genre.Rating each story varies in the type and intensity of the content, throughout the book there is a range from PG to R, for strong language f words , violence, gore, some sexuality strong in one or two stories.Serial 4 5 Super creepy little story about two sketchy folks who happen to encounter each other and trouble ensues view spoiler He s a serial killer who picks up hitchhikers, and she s a serial killer who is a hitchhiker He tortures his victims, she drugs hers and drags them naked behind their car He picks her up, they altercate, both end up being chained to the car as it rolls down the steep grade and die miserable deaths hide spoiler

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    Excellent collection of short stories Contains Serial by Blake Crouch Jack Kilborn The Crate a novella by Stephen King The Last Beautiful Day by Brian James Freeman Cobwebs by Kealan Patrick Burke The Old Ways by Norman Prentiss Waiting for Darkness by Brian Keene Like Lick Em Sticks, Like Tina Fey by Glen Hirshberg Ghost Writer in My Eye by Wayne Allen Sallee Palisado by Alan Peter Ryan Stillness by Richard Thomas In the Raw by Brian Hodge I Found a Little Hole by Nate Southard Fallow by Scott Nicholson Last by Al Sarrantonio Mole by Jay Bonansinga The Shoes by Melanie Tem Bits and Pieces by Lisa Tuttle Trouble Follows by David B Silva Keeping It in the Family by Robert Morrish It Is the Tale by Bev Vincent A Special Place The Heart of a Dark Matter a novella by Peter Straub

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    This anthology I thought was well done Without being too spoiley, some of the stories were very out of the box, which is what I enjoy One story, for me , stood out Trouble Follows, by David B Silva was one of those masterpieces that is SO rare these days Stephen King also had, for the first time in print, The Crate, which was made into a short for the movie Creepshow in the 80s If you like top notch writing and don t mind reading 410 pages, since some are novella stories you WILL enjoy this book Happy reading

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    I received this book through GoodReads giveaway program and I m so glad I did If you like those spine tingling tales, this is definitely the book for you All the stories were well written and each had its own unique plot line I would definitely recommend this book.

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    On the whole, I enjoyed this anthology Although not all the stories were to my taste I mostly prefer supernatural horror non supernatural stories need to be especially atmospheric to hold my attention , there is a fine piece by Peter Straub, and a Stephen King story that is rarely anthologized Also worth noting is Palisado, a neat atmospheric piece by one of the major figures in the 80s quiet horror movement One piece that disappointed me was The Old Ways From the name, I was expecting some rad Wicker Man style folk horror, but it turned out to be about the generation gap I will also mention Serial although it was not really my type of horror I think serial killers are overdone , I thought that the premise was rather amusing Still worth reading, even if just for the King story.

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    Richard Chizmar is the editor of Cemetery Dance, both a quarterly magazine and a publishing house that specializes in horror dark fantasy As is obvious by the title, Shivers VI is the sixth entry in a series of horror dark fantasy anthologies featuring original i.e., not previously published stories from a number of writers, including Brian Keene, Al Sarrantonio, Lisa Tuttle, Melanie Tem, David Silva, Peter Straub and Stephen King, among others As always, some stories struck me forcefully than others The anthology got off to a great start with Serial, a collaboration between authors Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn in which they ponder what might happen if a serial killer of hitch hikers picked up a serial killer hitch hiker, nicely conflating two strong urban legends and I also enjoyed Stephen King s Crate, about what might be lurking in long untouched university storage rooms Norman Prentiss The Old Ways in which a modern young woman comes across some very old fashioned values in the small town to which she and her husband have moved Like Lick Em Sticks, Like Tina Fey, the cleverly titled vampire story by Glen Hirshberg Al Sarrantonio s Last, which is science fiction than horror and Lisa Tuttle s Bits and Pieces, a delightful dark fantasy about what our lovers leave behind when they leave our lives The volume ends with Peter Straub s novella, A Special Place The Heart of a Dark Matter, which details the childhood and adolescent development of a serial killer I found it well done, if gory, up until the end and then I felt quite disappointed because the story just stopped, and I wanted Which I suppose can be seen as a positive response, when you think about it.Obviously this anthology will not be to everyone s taste, but if you have the stomach for it, the writing is of a very high caliber throughout and you may find a new favourite author or three between its covers recommended for those who can stand it

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    On the whole a resolutely mediocre anthology, containing despite the cover surprisingly little supernatural fiction Two crime stories by Peter Straub and Brian Hodge are among its best entries there are also nifty exercises in unclassifiable bizarrarie by Nate Southard, a writer new to me, and the late, very much lamented Alan Ryan, returning all too briefly to a field in which he was once a dominant figure.

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    I received this book through GoodReads giveaway and I m so glad I did because it contains a short story by Stephen King called The Crate , which is a previously unpublished story The first story in the collection called Serial This short story is about what might happen when two serial killers meet All the stories were well written and each had its own unique plot line I would definitely recommend this book.

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    Extremely varied collection of short fiction, ranging from excellent to really bad stories My favorite was the opener, Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn s Serial From there, the stories go up and down in quality And Brian Keene s contribution is one page long Okay overall, but I wouldn t spend money on a book like this Glad it was at my local library

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Shivers VI download Shivers VI , read online Shivers VI , kindle ebook Shivers VI , Shivers VI 6090923c9a0c About The Book Cemetery Dance Publications Is Proud To Announce The Sixth Entry In This Award Nominated And Best Selling Anthology Series Shivers VI Is By Far The Largest Volume To Date And The First Volume In The Series To Be Published As Limited Edition And Lettered Edition Hardcovers Signed By The Editor For The Collectors In Addition To The Affordable Trade Paperback Edition For General Readers Shivers VI Weighs In At Pages And Contains Than , Words From Today S Most Popular Authors Of Horror And Suspense Including Stephen King, Peter Straub, Al Sarrantonio, Jay Bonansinga, Lisa Tuttle, David B Silva, Melanie Tem, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Alan Peter Ryan, Blake Crouch And Jack Kilborn, Bev Vincent, Brian James Freeman, Norman Prentiss, And Many OthersTwo Of The Longest Pieces Are A Long Lost Novella The Crate By Stephen King, Which Has Never Been In One Of His Collections And Hasn T Been In Print In Than Three Decades And A Special Place The Heart Of A Dark Matter By Peter Straub, A Novella That Is Creepy To The Core And Shines A Terrible Light On The Backstory Of Straub S Acclaimed A Dark Matter According To The Coveted Starred Review From Publishers WeeklyFeaturing Original Dark Fiction With A Handful Of Rare Reprints, Shivers VI Is Available Only From Cemetery Dance PublicationsTable Of Contents Serial By Blake Crouch Jack Kilborn The Crate A Novella By Stephen King The Last Beautiful Day By Brian James Freeman Cobwebs By Kealan Patrick Burke The Old Ways By Norman Prentiss Waiting For Darkness By Brian Keene Like Lick Em Sticks, Like Tina Fey By Glen Hirshberg Ghost Writer In My Eye By Wayne Allen Sallee Palisado By Alan Peter Ryan Stillness By Richard Thomas In The Raw By Brian Hodge I Found A Little Hole By Nate Southard Fallow By Scott Nicholson Last By Al Sarrantonio Mole By Jay Bonansinga The Shoes By Melanie Tem Bits And Pieces By Lisa Tuttle Trouble Follows By David B Silva Keeping It In The Family By Robert Morrish It Is The Tale By Bev Vincent A Special Place The Heart Of A Dark Matter A Novella By Peter StraubAbout The Editor Richard Chizmar Has Edited Than A Dozen Anthologies, Including The Best Of Cemetery Dance, The Earth Strikes Back, Night Visions , October Dreams With Robert Morrish , And The Shivers Series His Fiction Has Appeared In Dozens Of Publications, Including Ellery Queen S Mystery Magazine And The Year S Finest Crime And Mystery Stories He Has Won Numerous Honors Including Two World Fantasy Awards, Four International Horror Guild Awards, And The HWA S Board Of Trustees AwardPublished In Three States Trade Paperback Hardcover Limited Edition Of Copies Signed By The Editor, Bound In Full Cloth, And Smyth Sewn Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition Of Just Hardcover Copies Signed By The Editor And Lettered, Bound In Leather With A Satin Ribbon Page Marker