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A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie chapter 1 A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie , meaning A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie , genre A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie , book cover A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie , flies A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie , A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie 196c54d7b0854 Rene, An Obsessive Compulsive Fourteen Year Old, Smells His Hands And Wears A Batman Cape When He S Nervous If He Picks Up A Face Down Coin, Moves A Muscle When The Time Adds Up To Thirteen Is Bad Luck Because , Or Washes His Body Parts In The Wrong Order, Rene Or Someone Close To Him Will Break A Bone, Contract A Deadly Virus, And Or Die A Slow And Painful Death Like Someone In A Scary Scene In Scary Movie Rene S New And Only Friend Tutors Him In The Art Of Playing It Cool, But That S Not As Easy As Gio Makes It Sound

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comRene is living a scary scene in a scary movie He is afraid to step on a crack, he smells his left hand when he gets nervous, he must wash his body parts in the right order, he can t move when the time adds up to thirteen, and there s According to Rene, if any of these rules are not followed, life will be like a scary scene in a scary movie horrible things will happen.Life has always been a challenge for Rene When he was younger, his odd behavior may have been considered cute, but now that he is fourteen and still inclined to wear his superman cape, he is viewed as weird He has no friends, and fitting in now in high school is his latest challenge He recognizes the cliques that surround him the Cutters, the Smartypants kids, the Devilblackcoats, and the Bigbulletholes with their over sized piercings and he knows there is no group that will accept him.When Rene realizes Gio is making overtures of friendship, he is thrilled but also fearful that something will happen to ruin everything Between his favorite teacher, Mr Head, and this budding friendship with Gio, Rene thinks maybe life has turned around for him Unfortunately, Phil, his ex dad, shows up out of nowhere and things get complicated again.Now that Phil is back, Rene fears that his mother is planning to reunite them as a family Phil has been gone for years, and his emotionally abusive treatment is something Rene has not missed Is it possible that having a new friend has given him the strength he needs to stand up to Phil Has his odd relationship with Mr Head given him the courage to stand his ground Time will tell.Debut author Matt Blackstone reveals a true talent for creating quirky characters and using humor to tell the story of Rene s battle against OCD and the turmoil of his dysfunctional family Teen readers will easily relate to Rene s struggles and to the rest of this colorful cast of characters Blackstone is an author worth watching.

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    It looks like I m doomed to go against the tide on this one, but I really, really did not like this book For starters, this concept has been done before lonely kid Rene with social awkwardness issues some of which no doubt stemming from a variety of obsessive compulsive disorder latches on to that variety of popular kid who is equally friendly to everyone, and their friendship helps bring him out of his shell The side story is that of Rene s difficult family situation his mother works all the time and is never around, and his father has been only very nominally in the picture since his parents separation some time ago All that being said, familiar concepts can be reworked successfully Unfortunately here, I m not sure that this happens Here s where the story hits some bumps the kid voices in the book don t ring true to me, and since the heart of the story lies with Rene and his friend, this poses a problem It s stated that Rene s maturity level isn t exactly where his classmates is, but it s a lot lower than is perhaps credible The book is written in first person from his perspective, and the character sounds like he s about 7 years old Rene is supposed to be 14, and while he does practice some OCD behaviors, there don t seem to be any other circumstances in play to explain any other kind of developmental or cognitive challenges His friend Giovanni isn t really any better, as he seems to be in habit of rattling off oddly canned and teachery sounding gems of wisdom, occasionally peppered with a seventies esque slang, as if to help give them a youthfulness they don t really have Probably intended to portray Gio s quirkiness, it never really feels quite natural Sample piece of dialogue Giovanni to a teacher Hey, bottom line, nobody s perfect, Giovanni said, pointing at a large jagged chip on his front tooth But when you have a gift like you do, you gotta believe in yourself And if someone gets in your way, you say, Get off my biscuit and get on with your life Unfortunately, it s not only the dialogue that stretches credulity The new besties ultimately go off on an ill conceived jaunt that pretty much jars with everything we know about Rene s structure and consistency seeking tendencies Sothat s for starters The plot line with Rene s dad doesn t fare much better There seems to be a lot of groundwork laid for some very disturbing and possibly traumatic revelation that might explain a lot but really when it comes down to it spoiler alert his dad s just a jerk If there was anything to like, it was in the portrayal of the harried teacher Rene feels a connection with Out of everyone, you feel for him the most, but it wasn t enough to pull this one out for me.

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    I am going to borrow a word from the novel to describe this book it was b noodles In other words, uniquely cool Rene is a boy struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder in a broken household his father or ex father , Phil, left years ago and his mother is left working all hours to support the family Being in high school is difficult, but having OCD in high school is even so Each day there are little rituals Rene must perform or else He doesn t want to be the cause of broken bones, bad situations or even death of the people around him It is his duty to do these things Like tapping his locker three times with his pinkie finger for good luck, or showering in a certain order, or smelling his hand to remind himself that he is a normal human being When Rene meets Gio, he is introduced to what it s like to have a friend for the first time Then he faces the problem of doing what he thinks is right, or going against his instincts to keep his friendship.This book was very interesting and unique I really felt like I began to understand Rene All the little things he does he explains why so well, that they really don t seem all that crazy I will admit to thinking or noticing a few things that Rene picks up it made me laugh when he was in a situation I could relate to I liked how this novel had many levels of depth It comes off light and humorous, but when you start to think about it, it really is a story of Rene struggling not only with the outside world, but with himself It is sad yet hopeful at the same time This novel is definitely different from the rest of the books on the shelves Children who find themselves different, on the outside or are struggling with their family situation will definitely enjoy it Or maybe you just like trying something new in that case, go for it and try this one Just because I ve had the urge to use this phrase since starting finding it in this book, I am now gonna yell Get off my biscuit

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    Rene is different from the other kids His OCD sets him apart, as does his shyness He lives with his mother, but his father is a constant phantom presence in his life When Rene finally reaches out to one of his teachers who is having a rough first year, he also makes a new friend, Gio, a likable poet who loves to steal umbrellas The two are superheroes against the world until Rene s father comes back into his life Gio meets Phil and sees that Rene was not exaggerating and the two decide to run away to New York, but New York city isn t a safe place for two teenage boys, as they soon find out This touching and funny tale captures the mind of a superhero obsessed, troubled young boy with OCD with touching aplomb This is a fast moving story that incorporates humor and adventure from the point of view of a troubled young boy without being juvenile or obvious This could be a good book for a reading group, as it invites further discussion from readers.

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    I m a high school teacher and I want to get this book in all my students hands I love it and wish I could have read it when I was a teenager Matt Blackstone tells an excellent character driven story Rene is an unforgettable protagonist.

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    Now I understand the deep feeling of kids teen with obsessive compulsive disorder Great story Sometimes he drives me crazy as him too

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    So very unique love the voice and the story Wonderful debut

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    my kind of book a strange perspective that was oddly deep and humorous simultaneously.

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    Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing I have my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, so anytime I come across a book that deals with Psychological disorders or is billed marketed as psychological my inner Psych nerd perks up and says Want So, when I heard about A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie by Matt Blackstone I was excited to read it and see what it had to offer.A Scary Scene takes on the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD something that has become very, very prevalent in YA lit I m working really hard to hold my tongue here Come back in September and I ll have to say on that Rene, our main character, is 14 and faces his OCD everyday.Now, even though my degree is in Psychology, I do not claim to be an expert or capable of diagnosis Rene has a bunch of different compulsions He smells his hand when he s nervous, washes them regularly, can t function or move if the numbers of time add up to 13, because it s unlucky and And, whenever he gets to feeling really anxious or stressed or intensely emotional, he equates the feeling with a scary scene in a scary movie The book is about Rene, his struggles with OCD and how he tries to cope One thing I really liked about the way Blackstone tackled OCD here is that he doesn t sugar coat it Far too many YA books out there right now use OCD as a way to add instant depth to an otherwise perfect character It s a way to give them a disorder but still make them a viable and attractive love interest without actually giving them a completely debilitating illness But that is an unfair portrayal of OCD While OCD isn t as serious an illness as something like Paranoid Schizophrenia but it is still a serious problem for those who suffer from it We joke in our culture that someone who uses a lot of Germ X or is highly organized is OCD and we laugh about it But OCD is something that is so much than that, so much worse and I think a lot of authors do those suffering from OCD a disservice by making it a character trait instead of an illness.OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder A Scary Scene is one of the few books I ve read that actual handles OCD as such In other books it s an annoyance or an inconvenience, but in Rene s world it is something that consumes this thoughts, his attention, his focus and it interferes with how he lives his life It s an illness and I can t tell you how happy I was to come across a book that treated it as such.Although I thought Blackstone did a fairly good job addressing the serious side of OCD, I did feel that there was something missing in this book I wasn t quite sure that I believed in a lot of the characters and their interactions with each other Rene has never really had a friend, his OCD gets in the way of that, but then Gio moves into his school And Rene is fascinated by Gio and decides he s going to try and get to know him Surprisingly, it works They are somehow able toThen the story kind of falls apart for me a little bit I feel like Blackstone wasn t sure that a story about a kid dealing with the harsh realities of OCD wasn t going to have enough conflict, enough drama and so he brought in a whole story line involving his father, and New York City This is when I kind of stopped believing in the actions of the characters, and when the story started to lose some of it s credibility for me Perhaps there was to the story that I missed, but I honestly believe that a story about a kid learning to deal with an anxiety disorder as severe as Rene s doesn t need to borrow trouble.Overall, this is a book that I believe was worth reading I m glad I read it and glad that I was able to find a book that, for the most part, gave a realistic view of how bad OCD can really be for someone living through it I m not sure how realistic I think the book is overall, but I can tell you that someone, especially a young kid suffering through OCD is going to act like Rene does than some of the glib, casually disordered characters we see in other recent books.

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    I want to start off saying that Matt Blackstone did send me a copy of his book, but that hasn t altered my thoughts on the book Gae Polisner, the author of The Pull of Gravity, was telling me about Matt s book in a Facebook thread One of my former students, Joe, saw the thread and looked up Matt s book He added on to the thread that he really wants to read this book, so I suggested that we read it as our next alumni book club pick From there, Gae sent Matt a message saying he should add me as a friend because of what Joe and I were saying and because Matt and I are both English teachers You can figure out the rest To the review I really did like A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie It has wonderful boy appeal, tons of humor and wit, and it s touching at times also.The character development is strong, which I m always a fan of Rene is fourteen years old, but he really hasn t reached the maturity of a fourteen year old Although as I type that, I m thinking to myself, how mature are fourteen year old boys To be fair, I have had some fairly mature boys in my English 9 classes As I was getting to know Rene s character, I pictured him being at the level of a 7th or 8th grade boy He wants to mature and like the other guys, Gio in particular, but he still has his digital Batman watch, wears a cape, and imagines himself fighting crime as he s walking home All of these nuances make Rene very likable as a character Within the first few pages I was giggling enough that my husband glanced over at me with a What are you reading look I, of course, told him all about it Rene is hyper aware of the people around him He has names for the different types of kids in school like the Cutters they cut class and the Smartypants His example of what the Smartypants are like reminded me of a girl I knew in middle school who, during a Girl Scout retreat, corrected my pronunciation of the word jaguar This would be a funny story, but only if you could actually hear the story and how it sounded when she said it She would be a member of the Smartypants clique.I haven t read too many books with characters that suffer from OCD For this reason, I was looking forward to reading A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie to see how it affected Rene Most times I giggled when he d get going about something He gets so distracted by his compulsions, that Rene often misses what others are saying or he just completely misunderstands them This happened often with his teacher and with his friend Gio These conversations are when I was laughing the most because it would really take some patience and understanding to interact with Rene Honestly, though, I thought sometimes that his actions as a result of the OCD resembled how my students with autism act The examples I m thinking of are how paranoid Rene would get that the kids at school were talking about him and when he d get completely sucked into his imagination This is a great book for teens to read because they ll have a better understanding of what people suffering from OCD are going through They ll know what everyday life can be like for them I can t imagine living my life like Rene it s exhausting to think about what he goes through.Reading this book will not only provide you with plenty of laughs, but it will also give you the opportunity to connect with a deeply layered character The supporting characters are wonderful as well, and I m sure you ll be rooting for them As a final comment, I m not going to give the ending away, of course, but I really did like it it s full of hope.